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Ristorante "Osteria Expanificio"

Piazzetta Sinatra,16
92100 Agrigento (AG) - Italy

Ristorante "Osteria Expanificio" - Agrigento
The Tavern Restaurant "Ex panificio" is located in the historic center of Agrigento, not far from the Pirandello Theatre and is a place for lovers of fine Sicilian cuisine: many tasty dishes prepared in the inn, which is set in an environment that for many years was a bakery famous landmark for the entire historical center of Agrigento. The Tavern Restaurant "Ex panificio" came back in its original key and a very welcoming place to obtain the identity of the original atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, at the same time, home-made and refined. The welcome is friendly and informal, kitchen attentive to local tradition, with exemplary results. Some examples: the typical appetizers with eggplant caponata, a mixture of local cheeses and cured meats, fresh ricotta, noodles with various vegetables.

 Indicative price * from € 15,00 to € 25,00 (service € 1,50)
 Food Regional food
Argentinian food
 Information 12:00-15:00 19:30-23:00
 Opening from 01/01 to 31/12  
 Closing days .
Pets allowed Disabled Garden
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 21/10/2011 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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