Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Poeta"

Via Giacomo Leopardi, 7 - Ancona

Ristorante "Osteria Teatro Strabacco"

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 2 - Ancona

Ristorante "Ma Vie" - Lounge Bar

via Pizzecolli 3 - Ancona

Ristorante "Red bbq"

Via Pizzecolli,3 - Ancona

Ristorante "La barca sul tetto"

Via Einaudi - Ancona

Ristorante Vino e Cucina Miscia

Piazza Rosselli, 24 - Ancona

Ristorante Pizzeria "Molo71"

Via Mascino 1 - Ancona

Ristorante "Opera Nova della Marca"

Via Varano, 127 - Varano, 4.9Km da Ancona

Ristorante Pizzeria "Chalet Azzurro"

Via Flaminia, 999 - Palombina, 7.1Km da Ancona

Ristorante "Fortino Napoleonico"

Via Poggio 166 - Portonovo, 8.2Km da Ancona
The Fortino Napoleonico was erected in 1811 by the Viceroy of Italy, Eugene de Beauharnais, with a clear political and military strategy, had the task of defending the southern flank of Ancona and implementing the Adriatic blockade in the trade of the British enemy. In the 60s the Fortino Napoleonico has been completely and t...

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