Ristorante Kosher "Yesh" Steakhouse

Via Silvestro Gherardi, 51 - Roma, 47.5Km da Anzio

Ristorante pizzeria "Taverna Latina"

Via Ferdinando Ughelli, 11 - Roma, 47.6Km da Anzio

Ristorante "Bono Assai"

via Matteuzzo, 2 - Cave, 47.6Km da Anzio

GoThai Restaurant Lounge Bar

Via Cesare Baronio, 141/A - Roma, 47.6Km da Anzio

Ristorante pizzeria "Pepe Rosso"

Via Enrico Fermi 71,73 - Roma, 47.8Km da Anzio

L'Acino che Vola

Via G.Rappini 23 C - Roma, 47.8Km da Anzio

Ristorante Neri Beach Village

Lungomare della salute 80 - Fiumicino, 47.8Km da Anzio
The restaurant is located directly on the beach 50 meters from the sea. This gives it a unique and enchanting atmosphere during sunset. E 'can enjoy our specalità directly' under the stars', or shelter in the blanket room in the cooler evenings. We welcome you always with a smile ...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Insomnia"

Via Portuense 469 - Roma, 47.9Km da Anzio
Are you looking for a nice restaurant, well refined, with a rich menu, select materials, where to eat meat, fish or a good pizza, with a perfect service and where to go to have dinner doesn't costs too much? Impossible...?!? Come and visit us... You will find out that in our restaurant all this is reality...!!! We organize: b...

Ristorante "Quellocheccè" - Enosteria

Via Latina, 134/136 - Roma, 47.9Km da Anzio

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Casetta"

via Fiumara, 66 - Fiumicino, 47.9Km da Anzio
In our restaurant, you could taste italian and danish prime meats, skillfully selected and cooked by our Tonino, who has twenty years of experience, for the most part spent in “big Baffo”. Through our shop window, you can directly choose both the kind and the cut of meat that it will be dissected from the loin and cooked in the ...

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