Ristorante "Osteria Emilia"

Via Passatore, 160 - Campogalliano, 5.6Km da Appalto
The restaurant “Osteria Emilia” offers a menù that is the result of a careful selection of local raw materials, rich of tastes and smells of my country. I would like to be your “Oste”, that during his shopping is able to give honest and authentic dishes. All together with love for his job and foods. Pasta, bread, cakes, cream a...

Ristorante "Magnagallo"

Via Magnagallo Est, 7 - Campogalliano, 6.3Km da Appalto
Surrounded by woods, Magnagallo offers typical food, a rich selection of wines and the warm welcome of the Emilia region. In order to celebrate your wedding and your main anniversaries, the banquet room and the close park will offer the ideal location of your memories....

Ristorante "Le Cardinal"

Via Canaletto 23 - Bastiglia, 6.3Km da Appalto

Ristorante "Osteria Antico Borgo"

Via Albareto, 325 - Modena, 6.7Km da Appalto

Ristorante Strada Facendo

Via Emilia Ovest, 622 - Modena, 6.8Km da Appalto

Ristorante " L'Incontro"

Via delle Magliaie, 4/1 - Carpi, 7.2Km da Appalto
Even the joy of physical wellbeing comes from hundreds of sensorial feelings. Starting from the sight, the sense of smell , the taste, the hearing and the touch. Physical wellbeing and taste represent an inseparabile and totalizing experience, made of comforting rooms, food for senses, fascinatine drinks and well-disposed p...

Ristorante "Chlorophille" - Natural Bar

Via Cardinal Morone 38/40 - Modena, 8.0Km da Appalto

Ristorante pizzeria "Al Cenacolo"

Viale Tassoni, 8/A - Modena, 8.0Km da Appalto

Ristorante Pizzeria "Al Poeta"

Via Jacopo Barozzi, 142 - Modena, 8.1Km da Appalto

Ristorante "Caffè Concerto"

Piazza Grande, 26 - Modena, 8.3Km da Appalto

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