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Monday 23 October 2017, San Giovanni da Capestrano

Guida Ristoranti Aprilia

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Ristorante Enoteca "Civico 39"

Via Augusto, 39 - Aprilia

Ristorante "Il Focarile"

Via Pontina km.46,500 - Aprilia

Ristorante Pizzeria "L'antica Culla"

Via Carano, 32 - Carano, 6.6Km da Aprilia

Ristorante "Vini e Sapori"

via Don Nazario Galieti, 22 - Genzano di Roma, 12.8Km da Aprilia

Ristorante "Osteria Il Buco del Grillo"

Via Italo Belardi, 48 - Genzano di Roma, 12.8Km da Aprilia

Ristorante Pizzeria "I Castagni"

Via Acqua Lucia, 78 - Velletri, 13.2Km da Aprilia
The restaurant "I CASTAGNI" was founded in 1986 with the aim of satisfying the tastes of its customers. Our kitchen has an extensive menu from the dishes, side dishes and pizzas cooked in wood. On Monday and Tuesday to Thursday for pizza lovers, the restaurant offers a menu pizza non-stop, with an endless variety of pizzas. The r...

Ristorante Bisteccheria "Magna Pò"

Via Della Croce, 13/15A - Ariccia, 14.0Km da Aprilia

Trattoria "La Nicchia"

Piazza della Repubblica, 3 - Ariccia, 14.0Km da Aprilia
In the heart of the Castelli Romani, overlooking the enchanting Belvedere Piazza Mazzini ariccia, in a peaceful and relaxing, you can indulge in a moment of pure relaxation and enjoy typical dishes of the Piedmont High in symbiosis with the products of the Rome countryside. Founded as an alternative to "fraschette" that populate ...

Osteria n°1

via Borgo San Rocco, 39 - Ariccia, 14.2Km da Aprilia

Osteria dal Villano

Vicolo Giorgi, 15 - Velletri, 14.7Km da Aprilia

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