Ristorante Pub Bacco

Piazza Rettore Evola, 57 - Balestrate
Our kitchen is a space dedicated to the love of ideas for it. Restaurant Bacco offers a journey into the Sicilian and international cuisine, in the fragrance of your basement and courteous staff. "When the taste of food and drink ... becomes a pleasure ...

Ristorante "Il Corallo"

Spiaggia lato est le colonie - Balestrate

Ristorante Pizzeria Freedomcafe

via Marina Petrolo, 23 - Castellammare del Golfo, 11.1Km da Balestrate

Trattoria da Geronimo

via Guglielmo Marconi 121 - Castellammare del Golfo, 11.2Km da Balestrate
Experience the ancient taste of a Land of Sicily that kept its own taditions an culture alive among time. At the trattoria da Geronimo you will find a warm and simple atmosphere where quality of the products and custumer satisfaction has been made a priority. Come and taste our signature dishes: Busiate alla sabbiata, Busiate g...

Pizzeria ristorante "Rustic"

Strada Statale 113 per Calatafimi, Contrada Ponte Bagni - Castellammare del Golfo, 11.2Km da Balestrate

Trattoria "Dallo Zio Andrea"

Via Sant'Antagelo 16 (ex Piazza Petrolo) - Castellammare del Golfo, 11.3Km da Balestrate
Our little reustaurant is small but is comfortable Our cooking is based on the freshness of the food and the simplicity. It will be like being at home for the service and the good food that Uncle Andrea tasted one by one before arriving at your table....

Ristorante "Mirko's"

Via Discesa Annunziata, 1 - Castellammare del Golfo, 11.5Km da Balestrate

Ristorante "Il Bavaglino"

via Benedetto Saputo, 20 - Terrasini, 13.1Km da Balestrate

Ristorante pizzeria "Grace"

Via Aldo Moro, 6 - Cinisi, 16.1Km da Balestrate
the place is charming and comfortable, as indeed the entire local's quiet and a touch of nature that delights those who come to enjoy a cuisine that is serious, honest, fully satisfactory. With us, the GRACE stars are not wanted to attract customers, or to let them know that the kitchen is of high quality and to enjoy these d...

Ristorante La Botte 1962

Contrada Lenzitti, 20 (SS 186 km 10) - Monreale, 22.8Km da Balestrate
Set in the countryside, historical site since 1929, La Botte started as a wine retail shop, then became a tavern and in 1962 Cascino family transformed it in a top restaurant. The style is rustic but elegant, with a large, open fireplace, conserved over the years and a sheltered terrace in the garden. This is a well-known d...

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