Ristorante Convivio Enoteca

Via Napoli, 55-57 - Battipaglia

Ristorante Caffetteria "Ego"

viale A. De Crescenzo n.82- angolo via Clarizia n. 1 - Battipaglia

Ristorante Tavernola

Via G. Noschese, 26 - Battipaglia
The restaurant Tavernola is an eighteenth build, located only 3 kilometers from the sea and 15 minutes from the splendid ruins of Paestum. Here you are welcomed in an environment that communicates warmth and comfort like a second home. The Restaurant is nominated in famous italian restaurant-guide like "Restaurants Veronelli of ...

Ristorante New Kursaal

Via Generale Salvatore Allende 6 - Salerno, 13.2Km da Battipaglia
The restaurant is located in the Eastern part of Salerno near the Chamber of Commerce. With two rooms, one inside, with a capacity of 90 seats with air conditioning and risrvata non-smoking, the other stands on the terrace, is just a few meters from the sea, from which you can see the Cilento Coast and Positano to Capri, for s...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Vicinanza & Sapori"

Via altimari 26 - Giovi, 13.8Km da Battipaglia

Ristorante Argentino "La Boca"

Via Uliveto 2 - San Cipriano Picentino, 15.0Km da Battipaglia

Pizzeria Saviello

Via Francesco Spirito, 90 - San Mango Piemonte, 16.2Km da Battipaglia
Pizzeria Saviello, also known as "Pizzeria regina Margherita" in Salerno and in Campania, has become the benchmark for Connoisseurs and lovers of "Pizza STG." Quality Assurance for: Raw Materials, Methods of Processing, Proofing, Preparation and Cooking. The traditional pizza Napoletana of Tradition, and a wide choice of pizza f...

Ristorante Braceria pizzeria "Hostaria Botero"

via San Nicola di Pastena 9 - Salerno, 16.3Km da Battipaglia

Ristorante pizzeria "La Pergola"

Via Magna Grecia, 108 - Capaccio Scalo, 17.2Km da Battipaglia

Ristorante "Hostaria Borgo San Matteo"

Via A.Genovesi, 14 - Salerno, 17.2Km da Battipaglia
The Hostaria Borgo San Matteo is a warm and welcoming atmosphere typical of Campania, located in the heart of the city behind the Cathedral of Salerno. Small restaurant with about 48 seats, offers the opportunity to taste all the dishes bell. The Hostaria Borgo San Matteo di Salerno also has a good wine list. Excellent h...

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