Pizzeria "La Bufalaccia"

Corso Calatafimi, 740 - Palermo, 1.6Km da Boccadifalco
Naples's flour, San Marzano DOP's tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella DOP. These are our secrets for a soft and tasty pizza....

Ristorante Talìa

Via Giotto 1 - Palermo, 3.8Km da Boccadifalco
Talìa Restaurant and Wine bar Located in Palermo city Talìa offers to its customer a real and typical Sicilian and Italian cousine. Good taste and quality. Indoor and outdoor area where is possible to have lunch, dinner, or drink....

Ristorante Indiano "Ampaal" Pizzeria

Via Sammartino, 1/A - Palermo, 4.3Km da Boccadifalco
Restaurant serving excellent Indian cuisine and Pizzeria...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Divini Restaurant"

Via Altofonte, 317 - Palermo, 4.3Km da Boccadifalco

Ristorante Luci e Calici Gourmet

Via Sammartino, 121 - Palermo, 4.3Km da Boccadifalco

Ristorante Peperino

Via G. Marconi,9 - Palermo, 4.4Km da Boccadifalco
Restaurant located in the lounge area between Via Libertà, adjacent to the Politeama Theatre and four air-conditioned and elegantly furnished rooms, including a Privee, for a maximum of 55 seats. The gourmet kitchen, tied to the territory and seasonal products, is personally prepared by renowned chef Andrew Matranga. Excellent w...

Trattoria "Ai Normanni"

Piazza della Vittoria n.25 - Palermo, 4.4Km da Boccadifalco

Ristorante Pizzeria "Ai Peccati Di Gola"

Via Principe di Villafranca, 42 - Palermo, 4.5Km da Boccadifalco

Ristorante "Le Pitit"

via Judica 21/23 - Palermo, 4.5Km da Boccadifalco

Ristorante Ferro

Piazza S.Onofrio, 42 - Palermo, 4.8Km da Boccadifalco
The Ferro's Restaurant is located in Piazza S. Onofrio, a few steps from the Teatro Massimo in Palermo's historic center. Refined and elegant, offers its customers a modern kitchen with references to the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, a great number of dishes but not all special and delicious, raw materials, seasonal, high q...

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