Ristorante pizzeria "La Fornace"

Loc Pantana - Sicili, 49.1Km da Capaccio
The Antico Casale has been recently rebuilt respecting the typical architecture of Cilento and its fascinating structure, made of local stone and chestnut wood, allows to preserve the healthy and natural atmosphere typical of the past.In order to understand who we are, it´s necessary to visit our kitchen where every processing i...

Ristorante pizzeria La Taverna della Certosa

Viale Certosa 41 - Padula, 49.4Km da Capaccio

Ristorante Luna Galante

Via Santacroce, 13 - Nocera Superiore, 49.5Km da Capaccio

Ristorante "Holidays Fico d'India"

via Aldo Moro, 2 - Furore, 49.5Km da Capaccio
The Restaurant "Holidays fico d'india", was born just for the purpose, to rediscover old recipes of the Amalfi Coast and Furore and fit them to a more modern style. This service is has been trusted to employees that have the passion and care needed for the restaurant service and have worked for over 3 generations. Immersed under ...

Ristorante Pizzeria Country Club 1989

Corso Mario Pagano 8/16 - Roccapiemonte, 49.5Km da Capaccio
Our story begins in 1989. Then the restaurant was very small with fewer than 45 seats inside and 80 outside. Over the years, but most of all, thanks to the trust of our customers and our determination, we created a location, certainly different from the start of 'activities. Currently, the local has 120 seats in the dining room s...

Incontro Ristorante Brasserie Pizzeria

Via Federico Romei, 81 - Montoro Superiore, 49.6Km da Capaccio

Ristorante Pizzeria Winebar BiancaZita

Via Mola, 7/9/11 - Furore, 49.6Km da Capaccio
The Restaurant Pizzeria Winebar Biancazita was born in 2008 with the intent of the rediscovery of ancient flavors adapted to modern needs, offers gourmet dishes of the Amalfi Coast and Furore .. Its management is looked after by people who do this work for 3 generations. In a very nice and located in the center of Furore propio,...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Del sole"

via Federico Romei - Montoro Superiore, 49.6Km da Capaccio

Ristorante "La Volpe Pescatrice"

Piazza Sant'Elia - Furore, 49.8Km da Capaccio
The name recalls the walk down to the Fiord of Furore. The beautiful restaurant is situated on a large and spacious terrace with a breathtaking sea view. The cunning fox comes from the country to the sea to catch its unusual prey; it is the symbol of the double soul of the Amalfi coast. In other words what for centuries has been ...

Ristorante Italian Touch

Piazza Sant'Elia - Furore, 49.9Km da Capaccio
This stylish restaurant is the highlight of the Furore Inn Resort. The decor with stylized crossed wooden arches recalls the Arabic influence widely represented along the coast. The name is the inheritance of a successful chain of restaurants in London whereas the cuisine is Mediterranean , but wisely revisited and integrated w...

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