Ristorante "Le Stalle del Generale"

Via Armando Diaz, 74 - Portici, 30.9Km da Capri

Ristorante Transatlantico

Borgo Marinari a Santa Lucia Napoli - Napoli, 30.9Km da Capri

Ristorante Pizzeria "hcca24"

Viale Mazzini 48 - Pompei, 30.9Km da Capri
Restaurant Pizzeria "hcca24" was born to provide our guests with a full sensorial experience discovering flavours, sensations and scents related to the history of the ancient city of Pompeii and its peoples. A piece of the Italian culture in a futuristic building which becomes the "arena" where past and future make present. h...

Ristorante "Ramo D'Oro"

Via Risorgimento, 108 - Bacoli, 30.9Km da Capri
Choosing The Branch D'Oro means choosing a unique and romantic location, where ancient and modern tastes blend together, creating an enchanting combination. The position they enjoy this wonderful local romantic is unique, in a quarry overlooking the grotto excavated by hand makes mistress, being at the same time in the heart of ...

Ristorante "Il Principe"

Piazza Bartolo Longo - Santuario - Pompei, 30.9Km da Capri
The Principe Restaurant welcomes its guests in elegant and refined rooms, adorned with splendid frescos depicting places of ancient Pompei and embellished by a series of art objects of various shapes and colors. High quality cuisine, that includes among its tasty dishes some known foods of ancient Rome, like the famous condiment ...

Ristorante pizzeria Barracuda

Via Campagnano, 62 - Ischia Porto, 31.0Km da Capri
The Barracuda restaurant is located on the verdant hill of Campagnano. Here, with a suggestive and unique view dominating the gulf of Naples, you can spend unique and unforgettable moments, completely relaxed in the open spaces of the charming garden that frames our flowering terraces. Moreover, there is also a welcoming and e...

Ristorante Club "Il Portico"

Via Roma, 174 - Bacoli, 31.0Km da Capri
In the historical center of Bacoli the first floor of an ancient palace, is the restaurant club "Il Portico", typical furnished with taste and simplicity that is the perfect backdrop to the recipes of Mediterranean cuisine and a wide selection of seafood specialties and land at affordable prices....

Ristorante Pizzeria "Anema e Cozze"

Via Partenope, 15 - Napoli, 31.0Km da Capri
Restaurant Pizzeria "Anema e Cozze", located in Via Partenope, the stretch of the promenade between Mergellina of Naples, Via Caracciolo and Saint Lucia, where stands the imposing Castel dell 'Ovo, was created to satisfy every palate, from the genuine to the more refined . Is the right balance between the pizzeria, and r...

Ristorante Rosolino - Pizzeria il Posto Accanto

Via Nazario Sauro, 2/7 - Napoli, 31.1Km da Capri

Ristorante "Il cenacolo"

via panoramica, 28 - Monte di Procida, 31.1Km da Capri
Restaurant "Il Cenacolo" is ideal for small ceremonies (baptisms christenings birthdays), or very intimate dinners. The restaurant is divided into three rooms very cozy and tastefully decorated. The kitchen rules with his dishes of fresh fish that you will see at the table before to be cooked, Aragostella with mashed potatoes w...

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