Ristorante "Taverna al Pescatore"

Via San Vito,18 - Marano Lagunare, 5.2Km da Carlino

Trattoria Pizzeria "Ai 2 Delfini"

Via Borgo Aquileia, 26 - Palmanova, 14.5Km da Carlino
The pizza restaurant The two dolphins offers its customers an extensive menu specializing in seafood and meat, featuring dishes prepared with quality ingredients and freshness, pizza for everyone and then take away even the homemade desserts prepared by the owners, and served artfully. We put you in the four rooms that display t...

Ristorante al Convento

Borgo Aquileia 10 - Palmanova, 14.6Km da Carlino
These premises are situated in the historich centre of Palmanova a few steps from the square of this striking star-shaped town and presents a welcoming atmosphere to its customers. It offers meat and fish courses of international cooking....

Hosteria Civiltà Contadina

Petrarca, 1 - Aiello del Friuli, 14.7Km da Carlino

Ristorante "La Colombara"

Via San Zili 42 - Aquileia, 14.8Km da Carlino

Ristorante Pizzeria "Al Baffo"

Borgo Cividale, 30 - Palmanova, 14.9Km da Carlino
Quality and friendliness are the hallmarks of this elegant restaurant in the heart of Palmanova that offers menus based on tradition and created ad hoc by its chef, to satisfy the palate and stomach of those who love food. The Restaurant Pizzeria "Al Baffo" offers a young and informal, the atmosphere will make a joyful and p...

Ristorante Pizzeria Cigno

Piazza Duomo,17 - Latisana, 15.3Km da Carlino
In a modern and functional atmosphere, with two dining rooms and an indoor garden, able to host over 200 people, the Restaurant is suitable for business luncheons and dinners, family reunions and for groups, ceremonies and cocktails parties. Fantastic Italian cuisine personally supervised by Chef Bonaventura: a marvellous r...

Ristorante "Trattoria Ai Tre Amici"

Via Cavour, 23 - Mortegliano, 16.0Km da Carlino

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Catapecchia"

Via Trieste,120 - Fiumicello, 17.4Km da Carlino

Trattoria "Da Toni"

Via Sentinis, 1 - Varmo, 20.5Km da Carlino

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