Trattoria "A Pignata"

Vico Lungo Del Gelso 110/112 - Napoli, 26.8Km da Caserta

Ristorante "La Cantina del Gastronauta"

Via Pigna,161 - Vomero, 26.9Km da Caserta

Ristorante Pizzeria Umberto

Via Alabardieri, 30 (Piazza dei Martiri) - Napoli, 27.8Km da Caserta
The history of our restaurant began in 1916 when Ermelinda and Umberto Di Porzio opened a little trattoria, known to most as "Don Umberto". Our menù is rich and varied with its main section built on traditional Neapolitan recipes. Seasonal variations are made throughout the year, our traditonal Neapolitan pizza menù and the e...

Ristorante "La Cantinella"

Via Cuma, 42 - Napoli, 27.9Km da Caserta

Ristorante "La Taverna del Brigante"

Via G. Martucci, 75 - Napoli, 27.9Km da Caserta

Ristorante giapponese "Marshal clubbing"

via Domenico Morelli 8 - Napoli, 27.9Km da Caserta
In the heart of the Neapolitan drawing-room to two steps from public square of the martyrdoms…. The atmosphere sobrio, is refined and receiving, cured in the furnishing and the lighting system, thought so as to to be able to turn out gradevole in all the seasons. The Marshal clubbing spouse the sapori of the Japanese k...

Ristorante Bistrot "C&D"

Via Pagliano 5 - Portici, 27.9Km da Caserta
Born from a passion for food by a group of professionals, I decided to offer a pleasant environment, suitable for dishes accompanied by excellent wines of high quality. Our bistro offers the chance to taste the dishes of Mediterranean cuisine reviewed with care and attention to every detail. Our dishes can be accompanied by d...

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Piazzetta"

Via Nazario Sauro, 21 - Napoli, 28.0Km da Caserta

Ristorante Birreria " Bausan53"

Via Bausan, 53 - Napoli, 28.0Km da Caserta

Enoristorante Uno Barrato

Via Vannella Gaetani 8 - Napoli, 28.0Km da Caserta

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