Ristorante Macki

Via Lagomaggio 129 - Rimini, 45.6Km da Casteldelci
In the last few years the restaurant has become one of the most renowned in Rimini province for its rich fish dishes. They range from countless kinds of hot and cold starters, to tasteful risotto, to unmissable mixed grills. In Rimini, the restaurant Macki is a tranquil place, capable of satisfying a wide variety of needs Macki ...

Ristorante "Osteria dei Conti"

Piazzetta San Nicolò, 2 - Castrocaro Terme, 45.8Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante "Mulino di San Michele"

Via Perisauli, 6 - Tredozio, 45.9Km da Casteldelci
The restaurant is located in the central part of an ancient water-mill, with horizontal wheel,dating back to the Middle Ages.Its gastronomic research roots into the cooking of the Tuscan Renaissance, and proposes again ancient menus, in order to rediscover the antique idea of "Convivio" (i.e. Banquet). Tasting menus are r...

Ristorante "Taverna degli Artisti"

Viale Vespucci, 1 - Rimini, 45.9Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante Pizzeria "Le Volte"

via Bachelet, 1 - Tredozio, 46.1Km da Casteldelci
The restaurant pizzeria "Le Volte" in Tredozio, welcomes you in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with people who care to meet your wishes and provide the best and every time. For every event and occasion the kitchen of the restaurant prepares menus at very low rates. In a tourist area such as Tredozio we chose to offer in a...

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Terrazza"

Via Ruggero Pascoli, 15 - San Mauro Mare, 47.3Km da Casteldelci

Osteria "Cassia Vetus"

Via Setteponti Levante 18C - Loro Ciuffenna, 47.5Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante pizzeria La Torretta

Strada A, 80 - Arezzo, 47.9Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante "Al 12 da Lino"

Via Armellini, 12 - Cesenatico, 49.1Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante Magnolia

Viale Trento, 31 - Cesenatico, 49.2Km da Casteldelci

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