Ristorante "L'Angolo delle capanne"

località Il Matto, 44/45 - Olmo, 49.2Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante Pizzeria "Leon d'Oro"

Via M. Moretti, 3 - Cesenatico, 49.2Km da Casteldelci
The restaurant is located on the cesenatico port, near at the famous navy museum and poet Marino moretti house. It's open all the year and in the summer is avalaible a place for sixty person outside, at the board of Leonardo da Vinci channel. Inside it's available thirty seven places, so small, but have right and warm atmosphere....

Osteria "Le Ombre"

Via dei Mille, 13 - Forlì, 49.3Km da Casteldelci

Antica Locanda

Piazzale Ugo Bassi, 3 (presso stazione) - Cesenatico, 49.3Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante "Bella Vita"

VIA MARINO MORETTI 22 - Cesenatico, 49.4Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante "La Locanda del Capitano"

Via Roma, 7 - Montone, 49.6Km da Casteldelci
The culinary style personally developed and created by Chef and Proprietor, Giancarlo Polito, follows a philosophy between reviving traditional flavours of bygone days and combining these with modern innovation. It is by giving priority and attention to the selection and research of ingredients of the highest quality, that c...

Ristorante "Squisito"

Via Nino Bixio, 3 - Cesenatico, 49.7Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante "La Griglia" Da Federico Rosticceria

Viale Giosuè Carducci, 52/A - C.C. La Cala - Cesenatico, 49.8Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante "Vittorio"

Via Andrea Doria, 3 - Cesenatico, 49.9Km da Casteldelci

Ristorante Rosy

Via Emilia Romagna, 124 - Cattolica, 49.9Km da Casteldelci
The kitchen with flat of meat and of fish is personally taken care of by the propietaris and he/she always offers an ample menù of choice with first flat facts in house and second fresh dishes....

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