Trattoria con Pizza Da Chiara

Via Filippo Corridoni, 44/46 - Mantova, 41.2Km da Castelnovo Bariano

Ristorante Grifone Bianco

Piazza delle Erbe, 6 - Mantova, 41.3Km da Castelnovo Bariano

Ristorante "Le Cardinal"

Via Canaletto 23 - Bastiglia, 41.4Km da Castelnovo Bariano

Trattoria Pizzeria "El Capel"

Via Treviso, 20 - San Giovanni Lupatoto, 43.1Km da Castelnovo Bariano

Ristorante "Santa Maria Fuori le Mura"

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 95 - Nonantola, 43.3Km da Castelnovo Bariano

Ristorante Pizzeria il Cuoco

Via Stiatico, 1 - Argelato, 43.6Km da Castelnovo Bariano

Ristorante " L'Incontro"

Via delle Magliaie, 4/1 - Carpi, 43.7Km da Castelnovo Bariano
Even the joy of physical wellbeing comes from hundreds of sensorial feelings. Starting from the sight, the sense of smell , the taste, the hearing and the touch. Physical wellbeing and taste represent an inseparabile and totalizing experience, made of comforting rooms, food for senses, fascinatine drinks and well-disposed p...

Ristorante "La Montanella"

Via dei Carraresi, 9 - Arquà Petrarca, 43.7Km da Castelnovo Bariano
Coming to Montanella doesn't just mean eating, but also loose oneself in nature and traditions, with a sweeping sight of a beautiful garden; the surrounding greenery stretches as far as the eye can see, rising and falling over the hills tops. the interior, completely revoated, wishes to recreate the same relaxed atmosphere one i...

Agriturismo "Palazzetto Ardi"

Via Ciron, 4/5 - Gambellara, 43.8Km da Castelnovo Bariano
Food for special occasions The setting is the great hall of the Palazzetto warmed by a huge fire in the large fireplace in winter, and kept cool in summer by its thick walls. Just the right kind of privacy for a special family occasion - birthday , baptism, anniversary - or for a special candlelit dinner, but also for a b...

Trattoria San Silvestro

Via Vittorina Gementi, 65 - San Silvestro, 43.8Km da Castelnovo Bariano
It's a small restaurant near to Mantova centre. Where you can enjoy traditional mantuan cuisine: delicious tortelli di zucca, stracotti, sbrisolona ...

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