Jefe restaurant ristorante e trattoria

Via Monte Solarolo 54/56 - Fiumicino, 28.6Km da Cerveteri
JEFE Restaurant is a simple idea, what we propose is a room and a kitchen, are you coming to the center of all the pleasure of staying at the table together. In summary you will be in a "trattoria" for what concerns the form of a simple service but careful, so no porcelain design or badly put together, nothing Bohemian crystal,...

Scotland Yard Pub

Via Attilio Corrubia 32 - Fiumicino, 28.7Km da Cerveteri
Scotland Yard Pub in Fiumicino, the result of research playing a few years. A place that has a decor reminiscent of a local English, embellished with a wealth of details and an offer that goes beyond what we are accustomed to find in a pub. You can find a wide selection of real ales mainly from Belgium and Germany. An i...

Ristorante "Ristoaereo"

via trincea delle frasche 90 - Fiumicino, 29.6Km da Cerveteri

Ristorante pizzeria "La Lucciola"

Via Debeli, 86 - Fiumicino, 29.8Km da Cerveteri
Typical restaurant, with speciality fish and meat cooked at the embers. Characteristic familiar management that reflects the authentic and typical mediterranean kitchen....

Ristorante Ratatouille

Via Doberdò 60/A - Isola Sacra, 29.9Km da Cerveteri

Ristorante pizzeria Locanda dei Massimi

Via Portuense, 863 - Roma, 30.0Km da Cerveteri

Ristorante "Zi Titta"

SS. Cassia Km 54,700 - Capranica, 30.1Km da Cerveteri
Titta zi, a name born of a culinary tradition that over the 70 years represented the true art of cooking casareccia, who approached the flavors to those Roman Viterbo. Two very different cuisines for the taste, which Zi Titta has studied and developed to create an aroma that today, the palates of the modern visitors, teach the a...

Ristorante "Spirito DiVino"

Via Dei Genovesi 31 A/B - Roma, 30.7Km da Cerveteri
In the heart of the Trastevere area, within walking distance of the Basilica di Santa Cecilia, you’ll find the elegant and refined Spirito DiVino restaurant. Located in an historic building, its wine cellar walls date from Roman times – archaeological remains were even found there. Visit the cellar and experience what Roman s...

Osteria il Quinto Quarto

Via della Farnesina, 13/D - Roma, 31.3Km da Cerveteri
In the last few years, thanks to a steady and attentive promotion by associations, institutions and producers, regional cuisine has drawn the interest of restaurants as well as the favour of their clientele, whose discerning choice of local and seasonal products show a preference for natural healthy flavours. This interest is at ...

Ristorante pizzeria "Papa Rex"

Via Aurelia, 87 - Roma, 31.4Km da Cerveteri

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