Osteria La Caponiera di Porta Castellazzo

via Sarbia
19123 Chiappa (SP) - Italy

Osteria La Caponiera di Porta Castellazzo - Chiappa
There is a place in La Spezia, a tavern, placed in the hills surrounding the city, immersed in a forest, nestled in the thick walls of a strong center. L'Osteria La Caponiera di Porta Castellazzo is a journey through time around a glass of wine, and Ligurian dishes. Today, after extensive renovations of the walls of buildings, La Caponiera is again the reference location of the city, as it has been once. Here everything has stayed the same, thanks to the host Stephen. Day after day, after two years of hard work, caponier has returned to shine in all its original beauty, and today you can admire it in its every nook and cranny, going to enjoy the simple genuine recipes that are offered or simply making a request for a visit to the host Stephen. Our typical Ligurian cuisine, offers dishes of land and sea, is not just recipes, but it is the place where simple dishes are made with full respect for tradition. Of course this can happen because of our experience and passion that has always been dedicated to this work. Our wines are chosen directly in the cellars of local producers and include labels and Piedmont. The loyalty that our customers demonstrate and the curiosity of young people for tradition, make this place, a really unique!

 Indicative price * from € 15,00 to € 30,00 (service € 1,00)
 Food Regional food
 Speciality Osteria tipica Ligure
 Information 10:00-14:00 20:00-01:00
 Opening from 01/01 to 31/12  
 Closing days monday.
Pets allowed Outdoor parking Disabled Garden
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 28/05/2012 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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