Trattoria Italia

Piazza Municipio, 2 - Villarbasse, 48.8Km da Cisterna d'Asti

Ristorante Torino

Via Vochieri, 108 - Alessandria, 48.9Km da Cisterna d'Asti
TURIN teaches the restaurant's historical city of Alexandria, was renewed in the proposed food and wine through Michael and Andrew Gallinaro Tamburrino current owners, Bread, pasta and homemade pastries according to traditional recipes stone milled organic flours, delicious appetizers, pasta succulent dishes, boiled meat in s...

Osteria della Luna in Brodo

Via Legnano, 12 - Alessandria, 48.9Km da Cisterna d'Asti

Ristorante Duomo

Via Parma, 28 - Alessandria, 49.4Km da Cisterna d'Asti
A well-furnished hall with wooden shelves enriched by wine bottles and old objects evoking Piedmont tradition: this is what meets guest’s eye, a smart and cosy restaurant just near Alessandria Cathedral. You are welcomed and put at your ease with unforgettable professionalism and politeness by people always ready to attend you a...

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