Trattoria "La Taverna"

Via Felice Cavallotti 348 - Chioggia, 8.7Km da Conche di Codevigo
Restaurant located in the center of the city of Chioggia, in front of city hall. Offers a typical "chioggiotta" cousine with a particular attention to news recipes. The nearby fish market gives us the opportunity to have fresh product ever day. You can taste the raw fish, the traditional frying, or the best grilled fish....

Ristorante "El Gato"

Corso del Popolo, 653 - Chioggia, 8.8Km da Conche di Codevigo

Ristorante Garibaldi

Via San Marco, 1924 - Sottomarina, 9.9Km da Conche di Codevigo

Ristorante Pizzeria Park

Lungomare Adriatico, 74 - Sottomarina, 10.8Km da Conche di Codevigo
the pizza restaurant Park with over 49 years of activity is most popular among the locals of the area. Over time we have passed through several renovations, but the last place some years ago, has made him even more modern and functional, thanks to the review of new spaces and new furniture. The restaurant is so cool and pleasant,...

Ristorante pizzeria Villa Momi's

Località Santa Maria, 3 - Cavarzere, 11.9Km da Conche di Codevigo

Ristorante "Alla Botta"

Via Botta, 6 - Piove di Sacco, 13.0Km da Conche di Codevigo

Ristorante Da Vito

Via Marzabotto, 63 - Campagna Lupia, 17.3Km da Conche di Codevigo
Opened in the 1984 from Vito, the restaurantis great for maet specialties like horse meat, fiorentina and wide choice of sliced salami....

Ristorante Osteria "Osti Tosti"

via callesette 1/1angolo via provinciale sud - Fossò, 18.8Km da Conche di Codevigo

Ristorante Baretta

via roma 33 - Legnaro, 20.1Km da Conche di Codevigo

Ristorante Zoccoletto

Via Nova, 3 - Adria, 21.7Km da Conche di Codevigo

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