Ristorante "Pit Stop"

S.P. 231 Km 47+350 Zona Mercato - Corato

Ristorante "Il Buongustaio"

Via Alfieri,17 - Corato
Restaurant "Il Buongustaio" is located a short walk from the city of Corato. We have created a sophisticated restaurant, other than a local mass, but an exclusive and elegant place, where you can dine in a choice of an incredible variety of dishes a la carte. Our specialties are dishes based on fish products, raw or cooked. We w...

Agriturismo Casale dei Principi

via Monte Cotugno - Corato

Ristorante "Berardi"

Via Nazario Sauro, 8 - Ruvo di Puglia, 7.4Km da Corato

Ristorante "Le Monache"

Piazza Le Monache, 8 - Ruvo di Puglia, 7.5Km da Corato
Situated place in the historical center of Ruvo of Puglia (BA) among buildings, houses and tower dell secular clock, with frontal piazzetta. It is sideways bordering with by ostieri, road that in the history and always marks from the presence of inns and restaurants with traditions of autochtonous kitchen. Also always looking at ...

Ristorante "Alighieri Eventi"

Corso Dante Alighieri, 15 - Terlizzi, 7.6Km da Corato

Ristorante U.P.E.P.I.D.D.E.

Via Sant'Agnese, 2 - Ruvo di Puglia, 7.6Km da Corato

Ristorante Pizzeria "Tavernanova"

Via Caputi, 12-14-16 - Ruvo di Puglia, 7.7Km da Corato

Ristorante L'antica Scuderia

Via G. Bovio 26 - Terlizzi, 11.1Km da Corato

Ristorante il Vicolo

Vico 5° Giuseppe Garibaldi - Terlizzi, 11.1Km da Corato
'The Vicolo' is a cozy restaurant, from rustic environment with stone walls and wooden furniture, where the traditions are restored and revalued, where the past is gilds in the present and the professional experience of the Chef Patron give life to a high quality cuisine in an elegant environment. The intention, in fact, is to ...

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