Ristorante "Tano passami l'olio"

Via E. Villoresi, 16 - Milano, 4.6Km da Corsico
Tano Passami L'olio born October 31 1995 from a passion that grows over time along with the desire to make the kitchen a constant improvement over time in which we live. The search continues in that Tano dedicated in his life, has gone hand in hand to the will of the times and aware of the metamorphosis of change that the m...

Ristorante PuertoAlegre

Via Borsi 9 - Alzaia Naviglio Pavese - Milano, 4.6Km da Corsico

Ristorante Maxela

Via Villoresi, 10 - Milano, 4.6Km da Corsico
It is a faithful reproduction of the Genovese model, with meat on display and animals cooked whole, with a further, intentional accentuation of the butchers shop theme. The room has all the tools of the trade, a wall of plates, marble-topped tables that replicate those of the old tripe shops and the kitchen on view. A further a...

Ristorante La Corte

Via Cusago, 201 - Milano, 4.7Km da Corsico
A rustic but elegant at the same time. Welcome to La Corte a restaurant founded in 1991 by the restructuring of a typical farmhouse of the early twentieth century situated on the outskirts of Milan. Managed since 1995 by Fabio Bolciaghi and Massimiliano Cacciapuoti, respectively responsible for the dining room and the kitchen. F...

Gibilterra drink, music & more

Via Stendhal, 30 - Milano, 4.7Km da Corsico

Ristorante "Re Salomone"

via Sardegna, 45 - Milano, 4.8Km da Corsico

Ristorante pizzeria "Pomodorino"

Via Voghera, 16 - Milano, 5.2Km da Corsico

Ristorante Spagnolo "Maison Espana"

Via Montegani, 68 - Milano, 5.3Km da Corsico

Ristorante "Osteria di Porta Cicca"

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 51 - Milano, 5.4Km da Corsico

Ristorante Muscolo di Grano

Via M. Buonarroti, 8 - Milano, 5.6Km da Corsico

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