Ristorante "Il Rosa al Caminetto"

Piazza Fontana, 3 - Milano, 7.6Km da Corsico
Under the shadow of the Cathedral il Milan, far from the rushed rhythms of the financial capital, accurate service and a collected and elegant atmosphere await you. The spaces at il Rosa are ideal for a romantic dinner but also for a brunch with kids, as well as work lunchers and dinners. The Chef Luigi Di Donna offers tasty r...

Fuori Piazza Osteria Wine Bar

Viale Certosa, 95 - Milano, 7.6Km da Corsico

Ristorante Nabucco

Via Fiori Chiari, 10 - Milano, 7.7Km da Corsico
In the heart of the Brera quarters a jewel with a long standing tradition: Nabucco offers a perfect atmosphere for important occasions. The delicate tones of the halls, the international staff, Italian traditional cuisine and an excellent wine selection have made it a reference point of the Milanese restaurant scene, both for l...

Trattoria De La Trebia

Via Trebbia, 32 - Milano, 7.7Km da Corsico

Foureat Visual & Design Restaurant

via Adige 17 - Milano, 7.7Km da Corsico
In our restaurant, the search for balance is absolute. The attention to detail, love of the extent and for being well seen also in the care of the location, a sophistication that we wanted to offer you the choice of lighting, design and sound. 4 EAT healthy and natural atmosphere is always with good food: all of this because the ...

Ristorante Pizzeria Oasi Rosa

Via Antonio Gramsci, 33 - Settimo Milanese, 7.7Km da Corsico
Simple and comfortable restaurant that try to work the food in the best way....

Ristorante "Il Santo Bevitore"

via Aleardo Aleardi, 22 - Milano, 7.8Km da Corsico

Alice Ristorante

Via Adige, 9 - Milano, 7.8Km da Corsico

Ristorante messicano Mexicali

Viale Ortles, 62 - Milano, 7.8Km da Corsico


Via Manzoni 16 - Milano, 7.8Km da Corsico

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