Osteria Vineria Operbacco

Via Lepre 2 - Travagliato, 8.8Km da Cossirano
Go back in the early '900, when the campaigns were only fields and farmsteads. The farmers brought in their homes the products of their land, the tables were laden with colorful tablecloths, the kitchen was the hearth of the house... and in this magic square was always a good bottle of wine. The Tavern Wine Bar "Operbacco" h...

Ristorante "Villa Calini"

via Ingussano 19 - Coccaglio, 10.0Km da Cossirano

Ristorante Pizzeria Miramonte

Via Martinengo 24 - Rovato, 10.5Km da Cossirano

Ristorante Giapponese "Mori Jungle Sushi"

Centro Commerciale "Le Porte Franche" - Erbusco, 13.7Km da Cossirano

Ristorante "Cucina San Francesco"

Via Cappuccini, 54 - Cologne Bresciano, 13.8Km da Cossirano

Ristorante Giardino

Via San Gottardo, 34 - Paderno Franciacorta, 14.7Km da Cossirano

Ristorante "Trattoria Cantinaccia"

Via Sorbanella, 3 - Brescia, 15.7Km da Cossirano
Trattoria Cantinaccia, is located at the gateway to Brescia, near to the ring road and minutes from the centre. In a manor house of the 18th century, a perfect blend of beautiful architecture, and the goodness and quality of the cuisine. The atmosphere is tastefully warm and friendly and courtesy is our natural way of greeting y...

Agriturismo Cà del Lupo

Via Palosco,77 - Palazzolo sull'Oglio, 16.2Km da Cossirano

Ristorante Pizzeria "Paradise"

Via Fura 115 - Brescia, 16.5Km da Cossirano

Trattoria tradizionale "Le Ferriere"

Via Industriale 17 - San Zeno Naviglio, 17.8Km da Cossirano

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