Ristorante "Osteria del Viandante"

Piazza XXIV Maggio, 15 - Rubiera, 31.9Km da Crespellano
The fortress, built in 1200, manifests its mysterious charm through its severe aspect and imposing solidity. Today four ramparts remain and on the south east side the Osteria del Viandante rises. Spacious frescoed dining rooms welcome the guests in an elegant and warm atmosphere. The beautiful terrace on the ancient fortress r...

Agriturismo Farneto

Via Collina, 3 - Monterenzio, 32.6Km da Crespellano

Agriturismo Rio Soglia

Via Montecalderaro, 575/G - Castel San Pietro Terme, 32.7Km da Crespellano

Ristorante Badessa

via case secchia 2/a - Casalgrande, 32.9Km da Crespellano

Ristorante "Voli e Sapori"

Via Sabbionara, 5 - Ozzano dell'Emilia, 32.9Km da Crespellano

Ristorante "La Rostaria al Castello"

Via Pagliani, 2 - Arceto, 34.5Km da Crespellano

Osteria di Qualto

Via Fonte, 6-8 - San Benedetto Val di Sambro, 35.6Km da Crespellano

Trattoria Monti

Via Sumbilla, 27 - Monghidoro, 35.7Km da Crespellano

Ristorante " L'Incontro"

Via delle Magliaie, 4/1 - Carpi, 36.4Km da Crespellano
Even the joy of physical wellbeing comes from hundreds of sensorial feelings. Starting from the sight, the sense of smell , the taste, the hearing and the touch. Physical wellbeing and taste represent an inseparabile and totalizing experience, made of comforting rooms, food for senses, fascinatine drinks and well-disposed p...

Agriturismo Poggiolandi

Via Sassonero, 3 - Monterenzio, 36.7Km da Crespellano

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