Ristorante "Medley" Lounge Bar

Via Trieste 56/b - Brescia, 36.6Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio

Osteria Nonna Mercede

Via Fratelli Lechi, 9 - Brescia, 36.7Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio
Directly from the Cooking Team Renault Flavio Briatore, Ruggero Bonometti arrives, the chef Brescian culinary winner of Motor Home and fork gold in 2006 in the category "young promising." Opens Osteria Nonna Mercede in 2000, a few meters from Piazza Arnaldo. Proposed menu based on land, sea or lake, always well-kept in the s...

Scarlatto Ristorante

Via Quarto dei Mille, 16 (angolo Via Bezzecca) - Brescia, 36.8Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio

Alessandro Ristorante (in campagna)

Via Roma,1 - Masate, 36.8Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio
If you are searching for the old taste of Italy in a very relaxing and green atmosphere, away from the classical metropolitan and noisy restaurant, Alessandro in campagna fits prefectly your needs. Because of its four internal rooms and its lovely patio with huge arches, apart from the wide park outside, the ancient "cascina" i...

Ristorante "Il Gallo Rosso"

Vicolo Nulli 9 - Iseo, 37.5Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio
Restaurant "The Red Rooster" Iseo is Nulli Alley in Old Town at 20 meters from Piazza Garibaldi. And 'suitable for business lunches or representation for confidential business meetings, a 30-seat room with fireplace and a room of about 25 seats on the first floor. In the summer outside in the alley there are 5 tables very c...

Ristorante Spagnolo Taberna Barcelona Wine bar

Via Mirolte 41 - Iseo, 37.6Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio

Ristorante Campiani

Via Stella, 6 - Cellatica, 37.8Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Tavola Rotonda"

Via Piacenza, 35 - Cortemaggiore, 38.5Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio

Osteria Vineria Bacco Matto

Via San Giovanni Bosco, 40/B - Bergamo, 38.6Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio

Ristorante "Gianpino"

Via Emilia Parmense, 291 - Piacenza, 38.8Km da Cumignano sul Naviglio

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