Ristorante Pizzeria Santa Lucia

Via Castelforte, 118 - Taviano, 19.6Km da Cutrofiano
The restaurant Santa Lucia is the historic local of Taviano. It's the classic local suitable for all occasions and all ages and is always appreciated, even for small ceremonies with special menus. The kitchen can frame as Salento's typically , but there are still alternatives in a menu designed to satisfy any palate. Another h...

Ristorante Pizzeria Arizona

via San Nicola, 24 - Lequile, 20.6Km da Cutrofiano
The Arizona Restaurant Pizzeria offers its customers a wide choice of pizzas to suit every palate, also has an extensive menu of traditional dishes of Salento and Calabria ... anyway does not disdain to prepare and tasty recipes to try out all details. If you prefer to dine outdoors, we have the opportunity to bring your own 4-l...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Osteria del Pozzo Vecchio"

Via M. Silvestro 16 - Cavallino, 20.7Km da Cutrofiano

Ristorante "Artecraz!a"

Via Giorgio de Chirico, 1 - Lecce, 23.3Km da Cutrofiano

Ristorante Grotta del Conte

Via Duca del Mare - Castro Marina, 23.6Km da Cutrofiano
the restaurant Grotta del Conte is in Castro Marina. Our dishes, fresh, have got a secret between the most simple and the most captivated: the scent of the sea that it delicately insinuates in the palate making the tastes ones and incomparable. It's a satisfied sensation that everyone lives to the "Grotta del Conte", in a...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Lo Scacciapensieri"

Via Alcide de Gasperi - Monteroni di Lecce, 23.9Km da Cutrofiano

Ristorante Palazzo Ricordi

Via Fontana, 120 - Gemini, 24.2Km da Cutrofiano

Ristorante Borgo Antico

Viale Francesco Lo Rè 39 - Lecce, 24.9Km da Cutrofiano
Located in the old town, the Borgo Antico restaurant offers a wide variety of fish, whose freshness is guaranteed by a cart always in plain sight with the daily catch. The dishes are inspired by the traditional cuisine of Gallipoli. The seafood appetizers differ between cooked (sliced ??squid with roast potatoes, swordfish r...

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Perla"

via Orsini del Balzo, 15 - Lecce, 24.9Km da Cutrofiano
It 'a simple place, clean and welcoming. The staff is friendly, helpful, caring and affectionate with their customers. The menu is Mediterranean. The type of food is recommended for all, especially for those who do not like fatty foods and not very digestible. Wide variety of pizzas. Truly affordable prices....

Ristorante Steak-house "Fat Moe's"

Via di Vaste 66/B - Lecce, 25.2Km da Cutrofiano
An angle d' America years '30 in the Lecce Barocca a stonesthrow from the historical center, as soon as out the leccesis places barocchi, a new detail as well as I summon local he/she offers for a while us the possibilit to live unique feelings. Lowered in a' cinema ambientazione that makes to relive the screen-play of the f...

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