Trattoria Lo Stracotto

Piazza Madonna Aldobrandini, 16 - Firenze, 24.5Km da Figline Valdarno
You can find Stracotto in the enter of Florence, between central train station and Duomo. Two young cousins, Francesco e Tommaso, opened up this trattoria in San Lorenzo area, with the purpose of being a "non touristic" place in a touristic area. Following in "Cambi's" steps, they make genuine food and traditional tuscan r...

Ristorante Il Porcospino

Piazza Madonna Degli Aldobrandini, 11/12 r - Firenze, 24.5Km da Figline Valdarno
Our restaurant is located on the ground floor of Benci Palace, opposite to the marvellous Medicee Chapels. Our cuisine, between ancient frescoes wall,cellars and Brunelleschi architecture, offers typical speciality of the territory, but coming from ligurian tradition , as well. It do not miss fresh fish speciality. We deal best q...

Ristorante "Buca Mario"

Piazza Degli Ottaviani 16 rosso - Firenze, 24.5Km da Figline Valdarno
The traditional Florentine and Tuscan cuisine in a beautiful and typical restaurant in Florence The Buca Mario Restaurant was founded 1886. This is when its first owner and founder Mario Corsini decided to house a place in the Palazzo Niccolini's cellars where soup and ribollita could be served, along with a wine cavern. Mario's...

Ristorante Palazzo Gaddi

Via del Giglio, 9 - Firenze, 24.5Km da Figline Valdarno
Niko Cristian Sinisgalli is considered one of the most new talent generation of the new cuisine... He is aiming to reinterpret the heart of a simple and poor kitchen filled with tradition, evolution and modernity, creating every dish with the proper wine a distinguish and particular taste. A specific role has also the wine c...

Ristorante pizzeria "Magnifico Messere"

Via San Gallo 40 R - Firenze, 24.6Km da Figline Valdarno

Ristorante "Lo Stravagante"

via Boccaccio 35r - Firenze, 24.6Km da Figline Valdarno
"Stravagante" is a word from Latin origins, composed of extra (outside) and vagantem (wandering). In the figurative sense it takes on the significance of fantastic, unusual, and also whimsical. It is precisely with this spirit that we would like to present you our menu, using the best ingredients in a manner outside of the ...

Ristorante "La Falterona"

Via Giovan Battista Zannoni, 10/12 - Firenze, 24.7Km da Figline Valdarno
The Falterona has been created from Amalia and Claudio Console, they are present callbacks to its earth of origin, in the classic original furnishing and pictures on the walls. The restaurant is situated to little steps from the station of Santa Maria Novella, with two rooms and a private gazebo e where it is possible to eat in s...

Ristorante Le Fonticine

Via Nazionale, 79/R - Firenze, 24.7Km da Figline Valdarno
Le Fonticine (named after its entrance, a 16th-century Giovanni della Robbia fountain) used to be part of a convent until the owner converted it into one of the more historical restaurants in Florence. Silvano Bruci and wife Gianna make their famous pasta fresh, by hand each day...and offer a cuisine from recipes Gianna c...

Osteria La Gramola

Via delle Fonti, 1 - Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, 24.7Km da Figline Valdarno

Ristorante "All'Antico Ristoro di'Cambi"

Via S.Onofrio, 1r - Firenze, 24.8Km da Figline Valdarno

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