Ristorante Antica Cantina Comandini

Via Emanuele Filiberto Duca d’Aosta, 1 - Frascati
After more than two years of careful restoration the Cantina re-opens in its original splendour typical of a Roman wine cellar which kept high, throughout the XXth century, the culinary tradition of this area of the Castelli Romani, and the name of Frascati, famous for its wine. Situated in the centre of Frascati in an e...

Ristorante "Pezzafina"

Vicolo Manara, 2 - Frascati

Ristorante "Casa Brunori"

Via Montiglioni, 42 - Grottaferrata, 1.8Km da Frascati

Ristorante Al Parco

via Tuscolana km.25.500 - Grottaferrata, 3.3Km da Frascati

Ristorante "Villa Icidia"

Via Tuscolana Vecchia, 81 - Frascati
Villa Icidia is situated 4 km from Frascati, south of Rome, in a pleasant district well known as "Castelli Romani". Villa Icidia is a characteristic example of the natural and artistic beauties in the Castelli Romani. It was an ancient Roman villa brought to life again by Mr. Serafino Bisirri, who saw it one night about twenty ...

Ristorante il Mitreo

Via Gian Giacomo Carissimi, 47 - Marino, 4.5Km da Frascati

Ristorante pizzeria "Ai quattro mori"

Piazza Lepanto, 2 - Marino, 4.6Km da Frascati

Ristorante Cantina Colonna

Via G. Carissimi, 32 - Marino, 4.6Km da Frascati

Ristorante vegetariano "Mucca pazza"

Via del giardino vecchio - Marino, 4.6Km da Frascati

Ristorante Osteria Fraschettainn

Vicolo Vincenzo Gioberti 3 - Marino, 4.6Km da Frascati

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