Ristorante "Osteria degli Spirti"

Via Cesare Battisti, 4 - Lecce, 20.0Km da Galatina
"Osteria degli Spiriti" in the middle of the baroque, receives you in a pleasant atmosphere. This is an oasis of the eating well, thanks to a chitchen that gives high satisfaction with high quality ingredients, that allows us to prepare excellent appetizers, and various traditional exquisite dishes. A nice selection of wines ...

Ristorante Bistrot "Persone' "

Via Umberto I, 7 - Lecce, 20.0Km da Galatina
Personè Bistrot is in the middle of the historic centre of Lecce, in a quiet atmosphere. Lots of typical rivisitated dishes and wines look for who wants to taste deliciousness in tradition....

Ristorante Picton

Via Idomeneo, 14 - Lecce, 20.1Km da Galatina

Trattoria Argentina La Comida

Piazza Verdi,15 - Lecce, 20.2Km da Galatina

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Bella Vita"

A. De Gasperi 86 - Carmiano, 21.9Km da Galatina
Local rustic but well pleasant, you will be wound among the liking and the professionalism of the personnel that it will recommend you various regional specialties. not you forget to also taste our meter pizza other specialty of the place....

Ristorante Pizzeria Santa Lucia

Via Castelforte, 118 - Taviano, 23.2Km da Galatina
The restaurant Santa Lucia is the historic local of Taviano. It's the classic local suitable for all occasions and all ages and is always appreciated, even for small ceremonies with special menus. The kitchen can frame as Salento's typically , but there are still alternatives in a menu designed to satisfy any palate. Another h...

Ristorante Porto Adriano

Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 42 - San Cataldo, 26.3Km da Galatina

Ristorante Grotta del Conte

Via Duca del Mare - Castro Marina, 29.2Km da Galatina
the restaurant Grotta del Conte is in Castro Marina. Our dishes, fresh, have got a secret between the most simple and the most captivated: the scent of the sea that it delicately insinuates in the palate making the tastes ones and incomparable. It's a satisfied sensation that everyone lives to the "Grotta del Conte", in a...

Ristorante Palazzo Ricordi

Via Fontana, 120 - Gemini, 29.5Km da Galatina

Ristorante Pizzeria Gallone

Piazza Pisanelli 15 - Tricase, 31.7Km da Galatina

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