Ristorante "Il Piccolo Castello" da Remo

Via I Maggio, 1 - Monteriggioni, 45.0Km da Ghirlanda
The Restaurant "Il Piccolo Castello" da Remo is located on the main circus of the Monteriggioni Castle, in a medieval house. It has a big garden and a small coloured room with a fireplace. Traditional regional menù...

Ristorante Grotta di S. Caterina da Bagoga

Via della Galluzza, 26 - Siena, 45.0Km da Ghirlanda
Bagoga leaves from the tradition Tuscany peasant in order to construct struttuta a gastronomica staff. Draft of a kitchen in continuous evolution. Fruit of continuous studies, exchanges, participation to meeting national and international without but never forgetting the origins about the tradiziona. To the " Cove of S. Caterina"...

Ristorante Chiusarelli

Viale Curtatone 15 - Siena, 45.0Km da Ghirlanda
Restaurant Chiusarelli was established in 1870. It is in the town centre of Siena ,opposite the Church of San Domenico and five minutes walking from Piazza del Campo. Its interior has got ancient brick vaulted roofs, a wide veranda and a garden to be used in summer. It is a comfortable place to make every event unique thanks to t...

Ristorante Guido

Vicolo Pier Pettinaio n. 7 - Siena, 45.2Km da Ghirlanda
Guido restaurant is located in the heart of Siena, just a stroll from the splendid Piazza del Campo, and jealously preserves its great culinary tradition, while respecting the highest quality of products, offering its guests a cuisine of the ancient flavours. delicious dishes made with truffles, fresh porcini mushrooms and the ...

Hostaria Il Rialto

Via del Rialto, 4 - Siena, 45.2Km da Ghirlanda
The Hostaria Il Rialto offers you a vast choice of typical Tuscan dishes, with fresh ingrediens, in season, and the 50 years cooking experience of our chef, Paolo. We follow culinary tradition. Paolo was born righ here in the contrada of the Torre, and his cuisine has always remained faithful to local popular, traditional S...

Ristorante Pizzeria Corner

via degli umiliati 1/A (piazza del sale) - Siena, 45.3Km da Ghirlanda
If you are looking for a Restaurant Pizzeria elegant, comfortable, in the historic center of Siena and a short walk from the city parking lots, are what makes you! Here you will find traditional dishes of Siena, seafood and even a good pizza! In addition to the two dining rooms and cocktail lounge to a comfortable lounge / cafe,...

Ristorante Enoteca "Tre Cristi"

Vicolo Provenzano 1/7 - Siena, 45.4Km da Ghirlanda
The comfortable elegance and magic charm of the historic town of Siena and its districts are exalted in this restaurant. "Tre Cristi" offers excellent sea cuisine based on top quality raw materials and creative Mediterranean dishes: crudité and fresh line fish, homemade bread, pasta and desserts.Ask to visit the underground wine ...

Ristorante Giapponese "Sushibar"

via Beccafumi 10 - Siena, 45.7Km da Ghirlanda

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Grotta di San Francesco"

Via Baldassarre Peruzzi, 20 - Siena, 45.7Km da Ghirlanda

Ristorante La Vela

Piazza Toscana, 2 - Rosignano Marittimo, 46.0Km da Ghirlanda
La Vela Restaurant, opened in 1982, serves both traditional cuisine of the territory, both dishes revisited and presented in a modern key. The wine list containes about 150 labels, with a prevalence of wines of the surrounding area. The interior of the restaurant is spacious and air conditioned. In summer you can eat in a p...

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