Patata & Co.

Via San Donato, 79 - Granarolo dell'Emilia

Ristorante Garganelli

Via del Pilastro, 2 - Bologna, 6.7Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia
More than a restaurant. A place deeply rooted in the memories and emotions of the Trombetti family, well versed in the local traditional cuisine. The allure of the 60s lives on indoors where the great seating capacity matches the best typical Bolognese dishes. The restaurant offers special dinner parties with live music and a w...

Ristorante "Villa Orsi"

Viale Mercanzia - int. Centergross - Funo Centergross, 7.1Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia

Ristorante Enoteca "Giro di Vite"

Via delle Fonti, 45/B - Bologna, 7.2Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia
In one of the oldest districts of Bologna, in front of the Ancient Sources of Thermal Corticella, born a peaceful island dedicated to the taste. Careful research on wines, the quality and freshness of raw materials, a common passion, the desire to share them with others are the synthesis of "Giro di Vite". You will be offered a v...

Ristorante da Sandro al Navile

Via del Sostegno, 15 - Bologna, 8.9Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia
Tradition comes first in this restaurant that still keeps unchangend its passion for haute cuisine that made it one of the temples of Petronian gastronomy.Through careful choice of quality products,here is a kitchen which can achive with great skill Emilia-Romagna traditional food and sea food preparations. As already said,e...

Ristorante "All'Arcangelo Michele"

Via Castiglia, 5/D - San Lazzaro di Savena, 9.2Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia

Ristorante Bitone Enoteca

Via Emilia Levante, 111 - Bologna, 9.3Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia

Trattoria pizzeria "l'Assassino"

Via Vinazzetti, 7/A - Bologna, 9.6Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia

Ristorante "Bravo Caffè" Live club

Via Mascarella 1 - Bologna, 9.7Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia

Ristorante "Osteria dei Cavalieri"

V.le Oriani 38/2 - Bologna, 9.7Km da Granarolo dell'Emilia

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