Ristorante "Al Vigneto"

Via Don Pietro Belotti, 1 - Grumello del Monte

Ristorante "La Cascina Fiorita"

Via Mainoni D' Intignano, 11/13 - Grumello del Monte
it is introduced like a peasant, warm structure and familiar, it is dipped in the splendid scene on hills of Calepio valley. Majestic, elegant and it boasts much fascination. The restaurant has a good organization and is equipped of all the comfort in order to guarantee warm and kindness at the costumers....

Osteria del Griso

Via Fontana Santa - Grumello del Monte

Ristorante "Al Grottino"

Via Fontana Santa, 24 g - Grumello del Monte

Ristorante Pizzeria Sabi

Via Banzolini Storti, 33 - Chiuduno, 2.5Km da Grumello del Monte

Ristorante Anteprima ai Santi

Via F.lli Kennedy,12 - Chiuduno, 3.2Km da Grumello del Monte

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Borgo"

Via Piave, 12 - Capriolo, 4.4Km da Grumello del Monte
Restaurant Pizzeria “Il Borgo” takes place in the historic centre of Capriolo, at the foot of the hill where Ochi Castle (XII century) lies, in the beautiful frame of Franciacorta. It takes its name from being inside a building complex that reminds a little medieval burg. The restaurant, obtained on an antique cellar and r...

Agriturismo "La cascina dei prati"

Via dei Dossi, 23 - Credaro, 4.7Km da Grumello del Monte

Agriturismo Cà del Lupo

Via Palosco,77 - Palazzolo sull'Oglio, 5.1Km da Grumello del Monte

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Perla Nera"

via Verdi, 2 - Villongo, 5.9Km da Grumello del Monte

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