Ristorante Luci e Calici Gourmet

Via Sammartino, 121 - Palermo, 11.2Km da Isola delle Femmine

Ristorante Cin Cin

Via Manin, 22 - Palermo, 11.6Km da Isola delle Femmine
Offering Sicilian cuisine in an elegant setting, Cin-Cin is one of Palermo's finest restaurants, ranked one of the city's five best by the food writers of the Italian newspaper L'Espresso. What makes Cin-Cin different? The food, certainly. But there's much more... Cin-Cin's meat and seafood specialties reflect a style of c...

Ristorante Peperino

Via G. Marconi,9 - Palermo, 11.7Km da Isola delle Femmine
Restaurant located in the lounge area between Via Libertà, adjacent to the Politeama Theatre and four air-conditioned and elegantly furnished rooms, including a Privee, for a maximum of 55 seats. The gourmet kitchen, tied to the territory and seasonal products, is personally prepared by renowned chef Andrew Matranga. Excellent w...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Ai Peccati Di Gola"

Via Principe di Villafranca, 42 - Palermo, 11.8Km da Isola delle Femmine

Ristorante Indiano "Ampaal" Pizzeria

Via Sammartino, 1/A - Palermo, 11.9Km da Isola delle Femmine
Restaurant serving excellent Indian cuisine and Pizzeria...

Ristorante "Calice Perfetto"

Via Quintino Sella 48/a - Palermo, 11.9Km da Isola delle Femmine
The restaurant offers Goblet Perfect gastronomic offer is characterized by the particular food, the result of refined culinary reasoning. It offers the best of his specialty dishes in the kitchen of the first cast, meats and cheeses and meats and national intenazionali, cooked them grilled on lava stone, combining freshness and u...

Pizzeria "La Bufalaccia"

Corso Calatafimi, 740 - Palermo, 12.3Km da Isola delle Femmine
Naples's flour, San Marzano DOP's tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella DOP. These are our secrets for a soft and tasty pizza....

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Duchessa"

via Principe di Belmonte - Palermo, 12.3Km da Isola delle Femmine

Ristorante pizzeria "Grace"

Via Aldo Moro, 6 - Cinisi, 12.6Km da Isola delle Femmine
the place is charming and comfortable, as indeed the entire local's quiet and a touch of nature that delights those who come to enjoy a cuisine that is serious, honest, fully satisfactory. With us, the GRACE stars are not wanted to attract customers, or to let them know that the kitchen is of high quality and to enjoy these d...

Ristorante "Le Pitit"

via Judica 21/23 - Palermo, 12.7Km da Isola delle Femmine

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