Ristorante pizzeria "Pepe Rosso"

Via Enrico Fermi 71,73 - Roma, 34.7Km da Ladispoli

Ristorante Kosher "Yesh" Steakhouse

Via Silvestro Gherardi, 51 - Roma, 34.8Km da Ladispoli

Ristorante "Zi Titta"

SS. Cassia Km 54,700 - Capranica, 34.8Km da Ladispoli
Titta zi, a name born of a culinary tradition that over the 70 years represented the true art of cooking casareccia, who approached the flavors to those Roman Viterbo. Two very different cuisines for the taste, which Zi Titta has studied and developed to create an aroma that today, the palates of the modern visitors, teach the a...

Ristorante Mirabelle

Via di Porta Pinciana, 14 - Roma, 34.9Km da Ladispoli
The Mirabelle is among the best restaurants in town thanks to the class and undisputed professionalism of Bruno Borghesi. Awarded with a Michelin star, the restaurant is a privileged meeting point among the Italian and International “bel mondo”. The restaurant is located on the 7th floor, where huge glass terrace doors open out o...

Ristorante "Crispi 19"

via Francesco Crispi, 19 - Roma, 34.9Km da Ladispoli
Crispi 19 is a romantic restaurant in the center of Rome, near Fontana di Trevi and Piazza di Spagna. The Chef Fabio Mancuso, European Champion 2011 with the National Team of Italian Chefs, offers a gourmet cuisine especially dedicated to the freshest fish of the Mediterranean Sea, including the possible proposals of delicious m...

Ristorante Piccolo Mondo

Via Aurora, 39 - Roma, 35.0Km da Ladispoli

Ristorante Wine Bar Elephant Blanc

Via Aurora, 19/27 - Roma, 35.0Km da Ladispoli
A local highly refined and pleasant to spend an evening in the pleasures of the table national and local levels, in an atmosphere where you can enjoy good wines and a highly qualified and friendly, a stone's throw from Via Vittorio Veneto....

Ristorante Ulpia

Foro Traiano, 2 - Roma, 35.0Km da Ladispoli

Ristorante The Old Bell

Via del Boccaccio, 24 - Roma, 35.0Km da Ladispoli
We are open fron 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and you can eat all nightlong. 100 kind of pasta, argentinian and danish meat, sandwiches, fried food and home made desserts. A lots of beer, wine and cocktail. Pool, play-station and board games to have a great time with your friends. Come to visit us ...

Ristorante "All'Oro"

Via Eleonora Duse, 1/e - Roma, 35.1Km da Ladispoli
The All'Oro restaurant, which is located in the heart of the Roman neighbourhood Parioli, open only since a few months, has already received the attention of the Roman gourmets.One Michelin star and Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe. This small gem, big 28 seats, is in the capable hands of Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto who together with ...

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