Ristorante "Spirito DiVino"

Via Dei Genovesi 31 A/B - Roma, 31.7Km da Ladispoli
In the heart of the Trastevere area, within walking distance of the Basilica di Santa Cecilia, you’ll find the elegant and refined Spirito DiVino restaurant. Located in an historic building, its wine cellar walls date from Roman times – archaeological remains were even found there. Visit the cellar and experience what Roman s...

Ristorante pizzeria "Papa Rex"

Via Aurelia, 87 - Roma, 32.1Km da Ladispoli

Ristorante Bistrot Bio "La Casa del Parco"

Via del Casaletto, 400 - Roma, 32.2Km da Ladispoli

Trattoria "Hostaria dei Bastioni"

via Leone IV, 29 - Roma, 32.4Km da Ladispoli
since 1984 Antonio and his family offer a high selection of the best traditional food...

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Soffitta - Renovatio"

piazza del Risorgimento 46a - Roma, 32.6Km da Ladispoli
The restaurant combines a young and dynamic management tradition and genuine cuisine, based on the quality of raw materials. All the ingredients of our cuisine are first-choice and recall the flavors of the earth and the sea, to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. Attention and creativity are used in composing our dishes, b...

Trattoria Pizzeria Marcella

Via del Mascherino 26 - Roma, 32.7Km da Ladispoli

Osteria il Quinto Quarto

Via della Farnesina, 13/D - Roma, 32.7Km da Ladispoli
In the last few years, thanks to a steady and attentive promotion by associations, institutions and producers, regional cuisine has drawn the interest of restaurants as well as the favour of their clientele, whose discerning choice of local and seasonal products show a preference for natural healthy flavours. This interest is at ...

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Pietra Scheggiata"

Via Paola Falconieri, 16 - Roma, 32.8Km da Ladispoli

Ristorante Maxela

Borgo Vittorio, 92 - Roma, 32.8Km da Ladispoli
here Maxela was born , a restaurant attached to a butchers shop that preserves the typical simplicity of the old shop trades. The entrance is dominated by the meat counter, expertly managed by the butcher who recommends the best cuts, which can be cooked in four different ways: rare, grilled, pan-broiled or fried. With its b...

Ristorante Mamma Venerina

Via G. Vitelleschi, 44-46-48 - Roma, 32.9Km da Ladispoli

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