Ristorante "Boccondivino"

via Sottoriva, 3c - Verona, 10.5Km da Lavagno

Ristorante al Cristo Pintxos Bistrot

Piazzetta Pescheria, 6 - Verona, 10.5Km da Lavagno

Trattoria "Pescheria i Masenini"

Piazzetta Pescheria, 9 - Verona, 10.5Km da Lavagno
Piazzetta Pescheria,outside the major tourists tours, is one of the most suggestive places in Verona. In ancient times, as we can understand from the name “Pescheria” (fish place), in this little square “Piazzetta” used to take place the fish market. Today it has become one of the most quite placet of the city on the river A...

Cappa Cafè Pub e Ristorante

Piazzetta Brà Molinari, 1 - Verona, 10.5Km da Lavagno

Ristorante "Osteria la Fontanina"

Portichetti Fontanelle Santo Stefano, 3 - Verona, 10.5Km da Lavagno

Ristorante il Desco

Via Dietro San Sebastiano, 7 - Verona, 10.6Km da Lavagno
Il Desco is Elia Rizzo’s and his family’s restaurant and it is located in a prestigious building in the hearth of the city of Verona. Style and elegance are features furnishing, that blends antique and modern elements, and of the cuisine(cooking), that follows tradition with in a new and creative way. Since twenty years at the ...

Hostaria la Vecchia Fontanina

Piazzetta Chiavica, 5 - Verona, 10.6Km da Lavagno

Ristorante Bio Bar "La scarpetta di Venere"

Stradone San Fermo, 4 - Verona, 10.6Km da Lavagno

Osteria Alcova del Frate

Via Ponte Pietra ,19/A - Verona, 10.6Km da Lavagno

Brunello Lounge & Restaurant

Piazza S. Anastasia, 4 - Verona, 10.6Km da Lavagno
Brunello Lounge & Restaurant, a place of innovation and style, an intense experience of taste - a place to tantalise all your senses. The restaurant boasts an outstanding arcaded scenario; here, an innovative presentation of the best local food traditions is matched to a comfortable and relaxed ambience. Our great Chef Augusto P...

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