Antico Caffè Dante Ristoratore

Piazza dei Signori, 2 - Verona, 10.7Km da Lavagno
Known documents involved to the Caffé Dante area begin in the XV century, when the place was turned into an orphanage, called Casa della Pietà, with a hidden cradle for unwanted children on the outside. According to the documents, in 1837 the place belonged to a certain Mr. Giovanni Squarzoni, who transformed the ground floor i...

Ristorante "Officina dei Sapori"

Via G.B. Moschini, 26 - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno

Ristorante Bloom Food&Caffè

Piazza Delle Erbe, 24 - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno
Welcome to bloom food&caffè and in the heart of Verona: Piazza Delle Erbe. From 9 am untill 2 am with us you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, taste italian wines, cocktails and our special buffet in a setting reminiscent of the ancient history that surrounds it, back in the past untill the Roman Empire. Right in front of the f...

Ristorante Maffei

Piazza delle Erbe, 38 - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno
Welcome to the Maffei Restaurant-Winecellar, situated in the heart of Verona, in a setting reminiscent of the millenniums of history surrounding it. The building, among those most famous of the old Veronese aristocracy offers a magnificent courtyard with a view of Piazza Erbe and a wine cellar for the tasting of wines among one o...

Ristorante messicano Mexicali

Via del Pontiere, 3a - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno

Scio' Rum Bar e cucina

Via San Alessio, 46 - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno

Ristorante Accademia

Via Scala, 10 - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno
The restaurant is in the historical centre near the famous street Mazzini, one minute from piazza Erbe, from Juliet's house and from the most important monuments. The restaurant Accademia has become an elegant meeting point for industrials, artist, Journalists from every part of the world thanks to its refined cooking and c...

Osteria le Vecete

Via Pellicciai, 32/A - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno

Il Campidoglio

Piazzetta Antonio Tirabosco, 4 - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno

Ristorante "Osteria La Pigna"

Via Pigna, 4/B - Verona, 10.8Km da Lavagno

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