Ristorante "Antica Trattoria Bagutto"

Via Vittorini, 4 - Milano, 1.4Km da Linate Aeroporto

Galeria Antica Trattoria

via Corelli, 27 - Milano, 2.4Km da Linate Aeroporto
The place where to find and discover the real Pleasure and Taste of the typical Lombardian kitchen....

Ristorante Trefor Cafè

Via Triulziana, 8 - San Donato Milanese, 3.2Km da Linate Aeroporto
Simply unique, charming and elegant. An ancient 1561 desecrated the church, in the ancient Borgo Triulzi San Donato Milanese. Step inside and you can still breathe the history of its past thanks to the frescoed walls and high ceilings remained as before. Adjacent to the church, a lovely veranda, surrounded gardens, heated in w...

Ristorante "Trattoria Ai Due Orsi"

Via Fidenza, 1 - Milano, 3.4Km da Linate Aeroporto
Situated on the outskirts of Milan, since 1969 Two Bears Restaurant offers a warm and informal, where the protagonist is a rich menu of dishes made with quality ingredients. Specialty that has made the two bears a well-known "address of good food," is the fish. We offer in-stocked shop window, the fish is the main ingredient of ...

Ristorante Basilico & Co.

Via Cassinis, 23 - Milano, 3.6Km da Linate Aeroporto

Ristorante Belluccio's

Via Beato Angelico, 27 - Milano, 3.7Km da Linate Aeroporto
The Belluccio's family opened the restaurant in 1996. "mens sana in corpore sano"is the ancient Latin motto that has inspired Belluccio's research for a cuisine which insoires the senses while being at the same time light and healthy. Following an important and extensive international professional training,Belluccio left his h...

Trattoria moderna "Nonna Emilia"

via Monte Bianco 33 - San Donato Milanese, 3.9Km da Linate Aeroporto

Ristorante "Baia Luna" - Confusion Lounge

Piazzale Susa, 1 - Milano, 4.0Km da Linate Aeroporto

Ristorante Enoteca "Cascina Ovi"

Via Olgia, 11 - Segrate, 4.2Km da Linate Aeroporto

Ristorante Al Sorriso

Via Andrea Merzario, 7 - Milano, 4.4Km da Linate Aeroporto

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