Ristorante Filippino - dal 1910

Piazza Municipio - Lipari
It all began in 1910 when Filippino Bernardi moved with his family from the Marche to the island of Lipari in southern Italy. He opened a restaurant together with his wife preparing traditional Aeolian meals and at the same time teaching his son Filippo the art of cooking. Filippo experimented with other professions before f...

Ristorante "E Pulera"

Via Conti Vanicher - Lipari
Orange, lemon and tangerine trees, a huge obsidian rock deep black and shiny, ceramic tables made by artists and each given the name of an island, the typical columns called "E Pulere" that carry the roof made of canes, are not all you will have to discover in that garden until you get to read the Menu. The menu changes daily a...

Trattoria da Paolino

Via Iditella, 75 - Panarea, 21.6Km da Lipari
The local origins in the'60s, when Panarea is born as the pearl of the Aeolian Islands. The cuisine still keep the characteristics of a time, offering a range of pasta dishes to homemade pasta and / or spaghetti served with sauces typical of the Aeolian islands and other inventions of Paolino based entirely local products, and c...

Ristorante La Canna

Via Rosa, 43 - Filicudi, 34.5Km da Lipari
In the magic and gorgeous frame of Filicudi island , in the pleasant and friendly welcome of our terraces, Emma’s cooking , full of traditional flavours, but appetizing and agreeable to the most particular tastes at the same time, is waiting for you . Dishes made with the simple ingredients this volcanic and sunny land produces a...

Ristorante Cirucco

Strada Panoramica, 64 - Milazzo, 36.0Km da Lipari
The restaurant , with its covered terrace on the sea, will charm you as if you were on the deck of a ship , also for the good service typical dishes: various types of fish of the place , unique for taste , scent and aroma...

Ristorante Wine bar "Pachamama "

Via Duomo Antico, 11 - Milazzo, 36.6Km da Lipari

Ristorante "Piccolo Casale"

Via Riccardo D'Amico, 12 - Milazzo, 37.0Km da Lipari

Ristorante Sua Maestà

Via Acqueviole - Milazzo, 38.1Km da Lipari
We have selected the best raw materials of our beautiful area! We have combined our ideas to create intriguing dishes, traditional and revisited .... All in a unique corner of the world a few steps from the sea....

Ristorante "La Tartaruga"

Lido San Gregorio, 41 - Capo d'Orlando, 38.4Km da Lipari

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Torrente"

Via Torrente Forno, 54 - Capo d'Orlando, 40.9Km da Lipari

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