Trattoria del Pescatore

via nazionale 21 - Cassibile, 2.6Km da Maeggio

Ristorante il Podere

Traversa Torre Landolina, 11 - Siracusa, 5.3Km da Maeggio
Inside the upscale restaurant, characterized by an elegant atmosphere and embellished by sophisticated table settings, which boast precious fabrics and china, you can get a taste of traditional Sicilian cuisine, with Mediterranean and International fusion entrees. The scent and color of the earth and the sea, mixed with ancient ...

Ristorante "Zio Agatino"

via la maddalena 19 - Siracusa, 9.3Km da Maeggio

Ristorante "La Rasta"

Via Siracusa - Avola, 10.5Km da Maeggio

Ristorante La Prua

Viale P. S. Mattarella - Avola, 10.6Km da Maeggio

Al Mazarì Restaurant

Via Giovanni Torres, 7/9 - Siracusa, 11.5Km da Maeggio
In the heart of Ortigia, between the Cathedral Dome and the Massimo Theater, the restaurant “Al Mazarì” opened its doors in July 2006 in a setting made of elegance and history, with a pleasant musical “foundation” and an atmosphere created by a cozy light....

Ristorante Pizzeria "Giove"

Ronco dei Cassari 4 trav.a via Ruggero Settimo - Siracusa, 11.5Km da Maeggio
In the heart of Ortigia 50 meters from the Porta Marina, offering a trip to the paradise of flavors, in a typical marinaro.Qui you can taste, fish, crustaceans and molluscs, fresh, wide selection of pasta, different kinds of meat, and beyond traditional seafood specialties and typical siciliane.Si recommended to taste the first w...

Ristorante "Il Veliero"

via Savoia, 6 - Belvedere di Siracusa, 11.5Km da Maeggio

Trattoria La Tavernetta da Pippo

Via Cavour, 44 - Siracusa, 11.6Km da Maeggio

Ristorante "Il Porticciolo"

Via Trento, 22 - Siracusa, 11.8Km da Maeggio

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