Enoteca Bistrot Uve e Forme

Via Padova, 6/8/14 - Roma, 11.4Km da Magliana Trullo
A warm and comfortable location dedicated to wine tasting with a large choice of cheeses. The wine bar Uve e Forme is a very traditional wine bar, offering aperitifs in a warm atmosphere of wood natural stone and marble furniture. One can try excellent Italian wines whilst tasting the gastronomic delights which classical I...

Ristorante Pizzeria Pappa e Ciccia

via Appia Nuova 1280 - Roma, 11.5Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante Take away "Fish In Roma"

Via Adige 15 - Roma, 11.5Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante "All'Oro"

Via Eleonora Duse, 1/e - Roma, 11.6Km da Magliana Trullo
The All'Oro restaurant, which is located in the heart of the Roman neighbourhood Parioli, open only since a few months, has already received the attention of the Roman gourmets.One Michelin star and Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe. This small gem, big 28 seats, is in the capable hands of Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto who together with ...

Ristorante Cantina Mariachi

Via Portuense 2000 - C/O Centro Commerciale Parco Leonardo - Fiumicino, 11.7Km da Magliana Trullo
Cantina Mariachi, conveniently located in one of the largest Italian shopping mall, offers a cozy athmosphere and a choice of tasteful dishes, sangria and best Mexican beers. Inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine, it displays two inside dining rooms with soft Mexican music and a large 8 tables patio located in the mall food c...

Ristorante Fenix

Viale Gorizia 5/7 - Roma, 11.8Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante "Birrificio Atlas Coelestis"

Via Malcesine, 41 - Roma, 11.9Km da Magliana Trullo

Osteria il Quinto Quarto

Via della Farnesina, 13/D - Roma, 12.0Km da Magliana Trullo
In the last few years, thanks to a steady and attentive promotion by associations, institutions and producers, regional cuisine has drawn the interest of restaurants as well as the favour of their clientele, whose discerning choice of local and seasonal products show a preference for natural healthy flavours. This interest is at ...

Agriturismo "AgrIN 4.5 "

via Ardeatina 1696 km 17 - Castel di Leva, 12.2Km da Magliana Trullo
The 4.5 Agrin is born by the skilful craftsmanship of a group of friends, want to enhance an old farmhouse in recalling its former use as stables. The interiors are all wooden, with accessories that use the tools of factors such as the tin pails to make chandeliers. The 4.5 Agrin is formed by a room of about 190 seats, plus a p...

Quick Ristorante

Via Mario Broglio, 37 39 - Morena, 12.7Km da Magliana Trullo

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