Ristorante pizzeria "Il Corvo Allegro"

Via Cassia, 1216 - La Giustiniana, 16.6Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante "Povero Pesce"

Via Mario Ingrellini 29/31 - Fiumicino Aeroporto, 16.7Km da Magliana Trullo

Bioristorante pizzeria Zenzero

Viale della Pineta di Ostia, 30 - Lido di Ostia Levante, 16.8Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante Il Giardino degli Aranci

Viale della Marina 40 - Lido di Ostia Levante, 17.0Km da Magliana Trullo
The Restaurant "Il Giardino degli Aranci " is located in the centre of Ostia Lido, only a few meters away from the seafront and from the historical pier. The restaurant seats approximaly 90 divided in to two separate halls, both equipped with air conditioning, Particular attention to details has been made to the interior of the ...

Ristorante La Marina

Viale della Marina, 41 - Lido di Ostia, 17.0Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante pizzeria "La Lucciola"

Via Debeli, 86 - Fiumicino, 17.1Km da Magliana Trullo
Typical restaurant, with speciality fish and meat cooked at the embers. Characteristic familiar management that reflects the authentic and typical mediterranean kitchen....

Wild West Steak House

Via della Giustiniana, 906 - La Giustiniana, 17.3Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante Pizzeria "La Casetta"

via Fiumara, 66 - Fiumicino, 17.6Km da Magliana Trullo
In our restaurant, you could taste italian and danish prime meats, skillfully selected and cooked by our Tonino, who has twenty years of experience, for the most part spent in “big Baffo”. Through our shop window, you can directly choose both the kind and the cut of meat that it will be dissected from the loin and cooked in the ...

Scotland Yard Pub

Via Attilio Corrubia 32 - Fiumicino, 17.7Km da Magliana Trullo
Scotland Yard Pub in Fiumicino, the result of research playing a few years. A place that has a decor reminiscent of a local English, embellished with a wealth of details and an offer that goes beyond what we are accustomed to find in a pub. You can find a wide selection of real ales mainly from Belgium and Germany. An i...

Ristorante "Il Picchio Rosso"

Via Italo Piccagli, 101 - La Giustiniana, 17.7Km da Magliana Trullo

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