Ristorante Bar Indonesiano "Bali"

Via del Mattonato, 29 - Roma, 7.0Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante pizzeria griglieria "La Gattabuia"

Via del Porto, 1 - Roma, 7.1Km da Magliana Trullo
The local is located in the heart of the old Trastevere quartier tavern, including three dining room, each of them with vaults,arches and nice red bricks. The restaurant has been caved from the rest of an old prision from the old papal age. Its traditional decoration, with antic objects and furniture, make from the place both c...

Ristorante Apuleius

Via del Tempio di Diana, 15 - Roma, 7.1Km da Magliana Trullo
Colors and emotions from past times will lead you in a striking parenthesis of the Imperial Rome with a high class cuisine in regard of tradition and ingredients' quality. The rooms often chosen by Rome's most loved actor Alberto Sordi, are furnished with authentic roman archeological finds in care of the Cultural Ministry....

Ristorante Pizzeria "Osteria Cacio e pepe"

Vicolo del Cinque, 15 - Roma, 7.2Km da Magliana Trullo
Cacio e pepe is an "osteria" offering typical Roman cuisine, in the heart of Trastevere. We carefully mix elements of Roman and Italian culinary tradition with innovative techniques acquired in many years experience in Europe. Courtesy and hospitality are the ingredients that make us one of the most important food and wine e...

Ristorante "Vizi Capitali"

Vicolo della Renella, 94 - Roma, 7.2Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante Carpacceria "AsinoCotto"

Via dei Vascellari 48 - Roma, 7.2Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante "Monzù Vladi"

Piazza di San Giovanni della Malva, 2 - Roma, 7.3Km da Magliana Trullo
The Heart of Naples, in Rome in the heart of Trastevere eating is the host culture and has the taste of friendship Parthenopean tasty dishes in this restaurant that builds on the tradition of "Monzù" the great chefs of the kingdom of Naples....

Ristorante pizzeria "Papa Rex"

Via Aurelia, 87 - Roma, 7.5Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante Camponeschi

Piazza Farnese, 50-50/A - Roma, 7.7Km da Magliana Trullo

Ristorante Enoteca "Percento"

via del Pellegrino 160 ang. via Sora - Roma, 7.8Km da Magliana Trullo

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