Ristorante Perseo

Via baracca 231/18 - Firenze, 3.0Km da Mantignano
In "Perseo" restaurant offers the traditional tastes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine enjoying recipes made from the freshest products and only those in season and sipping prestigious wines. The restaurant also organizes banquets and business lunches....

Ristorante Pizzeria Aloisius

Via pistoiese, 2 - Peretola, 3.0Km da Mantignano

Ristorante Da Settimo

Via del Barco, 21 - Firenze, 3.5Km da Mantignano

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Pettirosso"

Via degli Arcipressi, 2R - Firenze, 3.5Km da Mantignano

Ristorante GiogoliRossi

Via di Giogoli, 10/B - Scandicci, 4.6Km da Mantignano

Ristorante "La Fondue"

via della fonderia 1/r - Firenze, 5.3Km da Mantignano

Ristorante "Agrodolce"

Via Matteotti 26 - Lastra a Signa, 5.5Km da Mantignano

Ristorante il Guscio

Via dell'Orto, 49 - Firenze, 5.5Km da Mantignano

Ristorante "All'Antico Ristoro di'Cambi"

Via S.Onofrio, 1r - Firenze, 5.6Km da Mantignano

Trattoria La Carabaccia

Via Palazzuolo, 190/R (inizio Via il Prato) - Firenze, 5.6Km da Mantignano
Decorating the original features of the Florentine Medieval rooms, new life is breathed into the ancient, 17th century brick arches, the wooden ceilings with authentic chestnut beams, and the wrought iron railings at the rooms' entrances and exits. The space is typified by light thanks to the terracotta artisan creations that ...

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