Ristorante Pizzeria Da Mario

via xx settembre, 14 - Matera
The restaurant Da Mario is located in the historic center of Matera. He was born in 1951 and was completely renovated during Christmas in 1973, housed in a building of 700, belonging to the Count Malvezzi. The premises currently in use, were formerly used as granaries and warehouses. The restaurant, due to its simple and t...

Ristorante San Pietro Barisano

Rione San Biagio, 55 - Matera
Tastes and aromas will embrace you in a unique environment: a cave-hall. An image speaks more than a thousand words, but even images cannot fully portray what you would experience by entering in the hall of our restaurant. A cave divided in many connected areas furnished with style in a game of colours and suffused lights that w...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Stano"

Via Santa Cesarea - Matera

Ristorante Nadi

Via Fiorentini, 1/3 - Matera

Ristorante Il Palazzotto

Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 40 - Matera
The “Palazzotto” is a restaurant of new opening, located in the central Vittorio Veneto Square in Matera, the “Sassi” City included among Unesco World Heritage Sites . The “Palazzotto” is the ideal place to live an interesting and refined gastronomic experience, in a surrounding of simple and refined elegance. The menu changes t...

Ristorante "Le Botteghe" Arrosto Vino e Cucina

Piazza San Pietro Barisano, 22 - Matera

Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Terrazzino"

Vico San Giuseppe - Matera
The restaurant is located in the historic center, cozy and rustic atmosphere, offers a traditional cuisine of Basilicata. Its premises, once aristocratic homes, were then used as cellars and now lend their freshness to this excellent restaurant. The environment, family friendly, maintains a pleasant and relaxing, where being s...

Ristorante pizzeria "La Talpa"

Via Fiorentini, 167 - Matera

Ristorante "Don Matteo"

Piazza Duomo, 14 - Matera

Ristorante "Le dodici lune"

Via San Giacomo, 27 - Matera
Every single detail of this elegant and exclusive restaurant is particularly cared. Housed in a cave dug by hand by our ancestors with the barrel vault and behind a cellar of 40 square meters used by managers for presentations and tastings of local and national wines. The refined atmosphere, friendly service and the outdoor c...

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