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Ristorante "Le dodici lune"

Via San Giacomo, 27
75100 Sasso Caveoso - Matera (MT) - Italy

Ristorante "Le dodici lune" - Matera
Every single detail of this elegant and exclusive restaurant is particularly cared. Housed in a cave dug by hand by our ancestors with the barrel vault and behind a cellar of 40 square meters used by managers for presentations and tastings of local and national wines. The refined atmosphere, friendly service and the outdoor courtyard for dining under the stars make this restaurant a charming place. The indoor dining room nicely decorated with pieces of design is also used as a gallery for artists such as sculptors, painters, cartoonists, etc.. The kitchen offers both traditional specialties that materani own creation made with care and professionalism by the finest starting ingredients on the market. The restaurant is located in the Sassi of Matera precisely in stone near the museum Caveoso MUSMA and a short walk from the city center.

 Indicative price * from € 18,00 to € 23,00  
 Food Regional food
 Information 12:00-15:00 19:00-23:00
 Opening from 01/01 to 31/12  
 Closing days tuesday.
Air conditioning Outdoor parking Garden
 Credit cards accepted
Last update: 09/02/2010 * indicative price per person wine excluded.

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