Ristorante "Raw fish cafè"

via martiri oscuri 19 - Milano, 18.0Km da Merlino

Ristorante "Ad Maiora"

Via Altaguardia, 16 - Milano, 18.1Km da Merlino

Ristorante "Le 3 Melarance"

Via Orti, 10 - Milano, 18.2Km da Merlino
Le 3 Melarance is a restaurant and wine-bar located in Milan in Via Orti 10, a neighbourhood that has always been known for its wide choice of venues and restaurants. Le 3 Melarance follows well defined guidelines: careful consideration to the table atmosphere, a guaranteed warm welcome, attentive service in a relaxed a...

Ristorante "Delicatessen" - L'Alto Adige a tavola

Viale Tunisa 14, 20124 Milano - Milano, 18.2Km da Merlino

Ristorante Brasiliano Zythum

Via Rutilia, 16 - Milano, 18.2Km da Merlino

Ristorante Pizzeria "Ideamediterranea"

viale monza 259 - Milano, 18.3Km da Merlino

Ristorante Lucca Bistrot

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 33 - Milano, 18.3Km da Merlino
Lucca Restaurant is within walking distance from the center, in the most lively and rapidly developing city, the ethnic neighborhood between Porta Venezia and Corso Buenos Aires, true melting pot of cultures. We born as a trattoria dedicated to the tipical dishes. Over time, the kitchen has evolved and is constantly in the m...

Ristorante Enoteca Malies - Gastronomia Mediterranea

Via Orti, 2 - Milano, 18.3Km da Merlino
Malies is tradition, research and memory of old tastes, a meeting place as warm and cosy as a fireplace, where it is possible to taste the quality and genuineness of the produce of the Mediterranean countries that have always been the richest in wine and food traditions. Each place by the Mediterranean sea, be it big or small, o...

Ristorante Mediterranea

Piazza Cincinnato, 4 - Milano, 18.4Km da Merlino
A refined Mediterranean atmosphere is the backdrop to the highest quality fresh fish offered on a rich and varied menu featuring fresh seafood, crayfish and lobster direct from the tank and the catch of the day. There is a wide choice of wines from a superb cellar of over 1000 labels....

Ristorante "Mamma Lina"

Viale Monza, 256 - Milano, 18.4Km da Merlino

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