Ristorante Pizzeria "Valtellina18"

via Valtellina 18 - Milano
Valtellina18 is both a journey and an emotion. It is a journey that runs along the night together with the gentle guidance of Natalia who is able to advise you more like a friend than as a manager of the room. You can enjoy the emotions of discovering the flavors and shades of aromas that welcome us in two rooms characterized by ...

Ristorante "Blue Ginger" Asian Contemporary Food

Viale Carlo Troya, 22 - Milano

Ristorante Belluccio's

Via Beato Angelico, 27 - Milano
The Belluccio's family opened the restaurant in 1996. "mens sana in corpore sano"is the ancient Latin motto that has inspired Belluccio's research for a cuisine which insoires the senses while being at the same time light and healthy. Following an important and extensive international professional training,Belluccio left his h...

St.Andrews Restaurant

Via Monte Bianco, 2/A - Milano

Ristorante "Parbleu ! " - voilà les fruits de mer

Via Torquato Taramelli 59 - Milano

Ristorante Pizzeria "A Putia"

Viale Monza, 2 - Milano
The restaurant serves the best fish dishes typical of Mediterranean cuisine and brings to the table every day freshness and flavor. "Mozzarella & Tomato" is ideal for those who want to enjoy traditional Italian dishes, as well as a popular variety of typical dishes of Neapolitan-Sicilian ...

Ristorante Russo "Russkiy Mir"

via ausonio 23 - Milano
Typical russian restaurant, in center of Milan, next to discos and pubs. Offers traditional dishes, like borsch (russian soup), shashlik (grilled meat or fish), blinis (typical crepes that you can fill in with caviar, salmon, chicken, cheese...), red and black caviar, we have list of vodka and champagne (and italian wines) and r...

Trattoria Casa Fontana 23 risotti

Piazza Carbonari, 5 - Milano
thirty years old family style restaurant - 23 risotti Rice speciality...

Ristorante Trap of Taste

Via Leone Tolstoj, 9 - Milano

Ristorante Greco Esperides

Via Giovanni Lulli, 28/B (angolo Via Porpora) - Milano

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