Ristorante "Vecchia Malcesine"

Via Pisort, 6 - Malcesine, 18.6Km da Molina

Ristorante Ca' del Diaolo

Via Ca' del Diavolo, 4/B - Badia Calavena, 19.0Km da Molina
For over two centuries from generation to generation, we transmit the passion for this profession. In a harmonious environment where courtesy and hospitality are at home, we offer to our clintela impeccable service as always find the will to get back to us. Two spacious halls for weddings and any other type of ceremony, which w...

Ristorante Pizzeria le Colombare

Via Castello San Felice, 1 - Verona, 19.0Km da Molina

Ristorante "Officina dei Sapori"

Via G.B. Moschini, 26 - Verona, 19.2Km da Molina

Scio' Rum Bar e cucina

Via San Alessio, 46 - Verona, 19.2Km da Molina

Ristorante "Il Glicine"

Corso Milano, 26 - Verona, 19.2Km da Molina
The Restaurant Il Glicine serves a fresh fish and seafood menu where you'll find natural tastes to respect the authenticity of things with only fresh and high quality products. That's what we understand under catering industry. Owr main dish is the seafood "crudités" who ranges over Italian carpacci (thin slices of very fresh r...

Ristorante Giapponese "Kirin"

Via Verona, 18 - Sona, 19.3Km da Molina

Ristorante Gastronomia "Dal Maso"

Via 4 Novembre, 13 - Verona, 19.3Km da Molina
Restaurant gastronomy "Dal Maso" is a busy Italian delicacy shop, where you can sit down and eat lunch while you're on shopping. Service is efficient and knowledgeable. Their own specialities are products from the best producers of cheese, salame and parma ham in Northern Italy. The owner Donatella Dal Maso writes cook books and ...

Ristorante "Osteria la Fontanina"

Portichetti Fontanelle Santo Stefano, 3 - Verona, 19.3Km da Molina

Zushi Japanese Restaurant Take Away & Delivery

Via 4 Novembre, 17/B - Verona, 19.4Km da Molina

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