Osteria della Miseria

Via dei Mandorli, 2 - Gabicce Mare, 22.0Km da Montecalvo in Foglia

Ristorante "Schiumakers"

Strada dei censiti, 3 - San Marino, 22.4Km da Montecalvo in Foglia

Trattoria Taddeo e Federico

Via Mancini, 4 - Sant'Angelo in Vado, 22.6Km da Montecalvo in Foglia
Palazzo Baldani is a historic building of neo-classical style going back to the end of the 18th century. It is a restaurant where one can enjoy the flavours of our traditions and of our region. It is sited in the historical small centre of Sant’Angelo in Vado in the Marches region and it was an ancient Roman “municipium” that a...

Ristorante "Osteria La Corte di Berengario II"

Via Michele Rosa, 74 - San Leo, 24.3Km da Montecalvo in Foglia

Ristorante Pizzeria "Osteria Belvedere"

via Toselli, 19 - San Leo, 24.4Km da Montecalvo in Foglia

Ristorante Trattoria "La Barcaccia"

Via Mura del Fossato - Piazza Malatesta - Verucchio, 25.5Km da Montecalvo in Foglia

Osteria di Pinocchio

Piazza Antaldi, 12 - Pesaro, 26.1Km da Montecalvo in Foglia

Ristorante "il Chiosco di Bacco"

Via Santarcangiolese, 62 - Torriana, 26.7Km da Montecalvo in Foglia
In a quiet corner of the countryside, under the Torriana hill, there was once a big and prosperous vineyard, until recently... Bacco used to live there, under the shadow of juicy bunches of grapes. This is where the Chiosco was born: the vineyard was transformed into a lush garden and its shoots changed into tables, chairs and f...

Casa Zanni

Via Casale, 213 - Verucchio, 26.7Km da Montecalvo in Foglia

Ristorante Pizzeria "Rotonda Bruscoli"

Calata Caio Duilio, 104 - Pesaro, 26.8Km da Montecalvo in Foglia
the restaurant is surrounded by the sea and offer the unusual experience of being on the bow of a ship. A well cared-for cuisine and family-run enviroment are the the strong point of this enterprise. meals of fisch, meat and pizza....

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